Study of Xerostomia in Complete Denture Wearers

A study investigated the prevalence of dry mouth in patients wearing complete dentures, and evaluated its impact on oral functions. The perception of dry mouth was measured by a pilot-tested questionnaire given to 455 participants (253 men and 202 women) included in the study. Xerostomic status was confirmed clinically. Complete denture function was also assessed. The study found that 136 subjects (29.9%) had reported a subjective feeling of dry mouth with a prevalence of 24.9% in men (n = 63) and 36.1% in women (n = 73) (P < .01); 136 of the 145 subjects with satisfactory dentures showed one or more signs suggestive of xerostomia. The majority of xerostomic participants with different sets of complete dentures were dissatisfied with oral functions (P < .05). There was a significant association between dry mouth and increasing age, female gender, and smoking status (P < .05). The authors conclude that among complete denture wearers, xerostomia is significantly more prevalent in women and associated with increased age and smoking. Xerostomia adversely affects oral functions and overall satisfaction with dentures.
(Source: Gerodontology, September 7, 2012, doi: 10.1111/ger.12002 [Epub ahead of print])

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