LED Dental Inc. Announces New Dealer Agreement with Two Distributors in the Southeast Region

ATLANTA – April 15, 2014 – LED Dental Inc. (“LED Dental” or the “Company”) today announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive partnership with Atlanta Dental Supply Company (“Atlanta Dental”) and Nashville Dental, Inc. (“Nashville Dental”) for distribution of the Company’s VELscope® Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System and product line within the United States market.

“It is an honor to partner with both Atlanta Dental and Nashville Dental for distribution within the Southeast,” said Lamar Roberts, president of LED Dental. “Both of these dealers have extensive networks that will maximize the potential for the VELscope® Vx product line while providing cutting-edge technology to their customers.”

“We are excited to offer the market-leading adjunctive oral mucosal examination tool to our client base,” said Todd Brown, vice president of equipment for Nashville Dental. “The VELscope® Vx is saving lives by discovering a wide range of oral abnormalities, including oral cancer, sooner. This technology is in high-demand in the dental industry, and we’re proud to add it to our portfolio.”

Use of the VELscope® Vx aids in the detection of an array of oral abnormalities, often before they become apparent to the unassisted eye. The device’s distinctive blue-spectrum light causes the soft tissues of the mouth to naturally fluoresce. Healthy tissues appear in distinct patterns that are visibly disrupted by trauma or disease, such as neoplastic lesions, chemical irritation, side-effects from medication, thermal damage, as well as fungal, viral or bacterial infections. It is also the only tissue fluorescence device with photo/video documentation capabilities through the viewing mechanism, a key function for referrals and patient records.

“We support the VELscope® Vx as an important, potentially life-saving device,” said Tom Richardson of Atlanta Dental. “LED Dental has established itself as the market leader for tissue fluorescence visualization, and we’re proud to partner with them. The VELscope® Vx is a welcome addition to our portfolio of outstanding equipment.”

The VELscope® Vx product line will be represented in five states through Atlanta Dental’s team of 160 employees and four states through Nashville Dental’s team of 108 employees. Today, VELscope® systems are used to conduct more examinations for oral cancer and other oral diseases than any other adjunctive device. To date, more than 13,000 VELscope® Vx systems are in use globally, and dental practitioners have performed more than 25 million exams with the technology.

“Atlanta Dental and Nashville Dental are companies whose core values of innovation, teamwork and service embody our own,” said Dr. David Gane, CEO of LED Medical. “They are the true pioneers of dental supply sales in the Southeast region of the U.S., and their clientele has been well served by them for generations. Having a partner who is entrenched within the communities they serve and who continues to increase their service levels and product offerings is exactly the type of relationship we were seeking for expansion of the VELscope® market.”

To learn more about LED Dental, visit www.leddental.com. For more information on LED Medical Diagnostics, visit www.ledmd.com. For more information on Atlanta Dental, visit www.atlantadental.com. For more information on Nashville Dental, visit www.nashvilledental.com.