Bayflex™ Partial Dentures Recommended by 93 Percent* of Dr. Gordon J. Christensen Clinicians Report® Evaluators

TAMPA, FLA., Feb. 10, 2014 – Bayshore Dental Studio is pleased to announce 93 percent* of evaluators at the dental industry’s top education and product-testing foundation –Dr. Gordon J. Christensen’s Clinicians Report® (CR) – have recommended its Bayflex™ partial dentures as a preferred partial for dental clinicians.
CR releases its annual buying guide each December, providing dental clinicians with objective information about the year’s top-rated dental products.  In the latest guide, CR evaluators stated they would incorporate the Bayflex™ partial into their practice, rating it excellent or good and worthy of trial by colleagues. 
CR evaluators were impressed by the fit, durability and translucency of the Bayflex™ partial, which uses a unique thermoplastic base and is precision-molded for optimum retention.  Bayflex is the only flexible partial featured in the latest CR guide. More information about the partial is found at
“Bayflex™ partials rarely need chair-side adjustment, and patients find them easy to care for and wear,” said Dr. Gary Evans, DDS, a Bayshore client based in Ft. Collins, Colo., who incorporated the partial into his practice in 2013. “I’m using Bayflex for anterior implants, and find the esthetics and comfort are superior to ‘flipper’ or temporary implant crowns. I really like Bayflex. The cosmetics are so good.”