EXACTA Dental Direct Now Utilizes UPS's Carbon Neutral Program to Offset Emissions

May 1, 2014 - In a bid to step up their game in the environmentally-friendly realms, EXACTA Dental Direct  has gone Carbon Neutral, taking the step to make use of UPS's Carbon Neutral Program to offset all inherent carbon emissions.

The move to go Carbon Neutral forms part of the dental supplier's ultimate mission, which  is to become a market leader, in all respects. "Our ultimate desire was  to become a leader in the dental industry in part by offsetting our  supply chain and shipping impact," said  John Pankuch, President of EXACTA Dental Direct,  when asked about the consistent levels  of growth enjoyed since the company's
1996  founding and their decision to go Carbon Neutral. As far as their utilization of UPS's Carbon Neutral Program goes, Pankuch was  very proud to point out  the far-reaching implications of the move, which  only serves to reaffirm their stance on committing to their customers while maintaining an environmentally-responsible business approach; "This program emphasizes our  commitment to our  customers and the community," the President concludes.

As is the case with many players that are active in a competitive market, naturally, manufacturers and suppliers want to be seen to be doing their bit to help sustain the environment and minimize the various environmental issues that result from their day-to-day dealings, but  when a leader such as EXACTA Dental Direct  embraces initiatives such as UPS's Carbon Neutral Program, the ensuant
impact represents the mutual concerns of the entire trade line. Customers who  are also  aware of the implications of being more environmentally conscious can  exercise their desire to make a difference by simply  buying from companies such as EXACTA Dental Direct.

Considering the consistent flow of products from EXACTA Dental Direct  to the many clients they have, the anticipated difference to be made, as a result of their adoption of programs such as the UPS Carbon Neutral shipment option, induces a fair level of introspection as to how  much more of a positive impact could be made if more companies followed suit.  The question of such a stance
affecting the business' bottom line is somewhat of an irrelevant one too,  considering that a company like EXACTA Dental Direct  manages to keep their product pricing low, even in the wake  of the implementation of a more environmentally-friendly approach to their operations.