New Futuredontics’ Whitepaper Helps Dentists Reactivate Dormant Patients

LOS ANGELES, CA (July 24, 2014) – Futuredontics®, the nation’s leading provider of dental marketing services and software, has released a new whitepaper, “5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation.” The free report offers dentists valuable tips for reactivating dormant patients and reclaiming the thousands of dollars of production hiding in their patient files. Dental professionals can download the whitepaper by

Dormant patient reactivation is one of the most valuable marketing activities dentists can engage in today. Futuredontics reports that fully 20% of the patients at the typical practice are considered dormant. The time, money and energy dentists invest in attracting patients to their office is wasted if patients fall off the schedule either due to procrastination, or worse, are lured away by another dentist. Reactivating these lost patient relationships is crucial because it allows practices to add tens of thousands of dollars in high-value production at a much lower cost than acquiring new patients.

“5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation,” outlines the top strategies for reaching out to dormant patients and welcoming them back to the practice. The whitepaper covers every aspect of creating a successful reactivation program ranging from the best time of day to contact inactive patients to actual scripting for successful reactivation calls.

“Dormant patient reactivation needs to be a top priority for dentists,” said Futuredontics CEO Michael Turner. “The average practice has tens of thousands of dollars in production sitting in their dormant patient files. Our new whitepaper shows dentists how to get these patients back on their schedule and restore that recurring revenue to their bottom line.”

“5 Secrets of Dormant Patient Reactivation” shares best practices that have proven to be highly effective for ReActivation Pro®, a Futuredontics service that uses personalized calls by specially trained operators to help dentists reconnect with dormant patients. Dental professionals can request a copy of the “5 Secrets” whitepaper by visiting