KOMET’s New Product Catalog Now Available

Rock Hill, S.C.—November 15, 2010—KOMET, a recognized worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized and precise dental rotary instruments, announced today that the new product catalog is now available.

The 400-page catalog contains some of the newest, innovative dental rotary instruments manufactured in the industry.

“Our customers will be amazed with some of the innovative and industry-changing products we are now offering that weren’t included in our first two catalogs,” said Warren A. White, KOMET USA’s Chief Operating Officer of Sales and Marketing.

The new KOMET catalog is also bi-lingual for the company’s Spanish-speaking customers.

Some of the products KOMET would like to highlight in the new catalog are:

·         OS Discs/OS30 Handpiecea disc/handpiece system designed to be used in both cosmetic dentistry and orthodontic procedures for proper interproximal enamel reduction

·         KOMET SF1LM—an innovative sonic handpiece to prep tooth structure for crown placement using Sonic Tip instruments

·         Endo Rescue Kit (Kit 4601)—designed for the quick and simple retrieval of a fractured rotary nickel-titanium instrument within the canal

·         Diamonds with Depth Markers—instruments that facilitate rapid anatomical reduction of the occlusal tooth structure to the recommended minimum thickness for ceramic inlay and partial crown restorations

·         MaxilloPrep Bone and Spread Condense System—three new specialized instruments for the effective removal of bone and bone chips, and a bone spreading and condensation kit containing titanium Spread-Condense screws.


KOMET is a recognized worldwide leader in the production of highly specialized and precise dental rotary instruments. KOMET operates in the United States under the name KOMET USA, and sells direct to practitioners and dental laboratories. The Company’s US headquarters is located in Rock Hill, South Carolina. For more information about KOMET USA or to order the new KOMET Product Catalog, please call 888-566-3887 or visit www.komet-usa.com.