Source One Dental Announces Marketplace of 50+ Direct Dental Manufacturers

SourceOne Dental, the nation’s only marketplace of direct dental manufacturers, announced the launch of its e-commerce website, SourceOne Dental is the first website to aggregate the full product catalogs of multiple direct dental manufacturers in a single online store. Dentists can now order regularly from a variety of direct manufacturers with a single order.
The company has spent the last two years surveying dentists’ buying habits and purchasing preferences while developing the site.

Medco Instruments President, Jeff Jaffary said: “Dentists have told us without a doubt that they believe that products from direct companies offer a better overall value with respect to the price-quality mix. They also told us that buying from direct manufacturers is difficult because no single direct company sells all of the supplies a dental practice needs. By coming together, we are able to offer dentists a much simpler shopping experience than selling our products separately.”
Chase Wade, Director of Operations for EXACTA Dental Direct said: "We could have the best products in the world, but we will always lose business to dental dealers, because we do not sell everything a dental practice needs. So if a dentist needs impression materials, but also gloves and a high-speed handpiece, they would have to order from three different direct companies. The alternative is to buy all of these things from one dental dealer. By combining our catalogs with other direct manufacturers, dentists can now buy everything they need in a single order, and all of it direct."
Co-founders Ahmed Shams and Breven Clark bring more than 14 years of experience in the dental industry.

“Our goal is not only to bring dentists a more convenient way to purchase products from direct manufacturers—but to offer the best overall value and unmatched customer service,” Shams said.

For more information about SourceOne Dental, Inc., please contact:
Ahmed Shams
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