Tralongo Llc Signs Development Agreement With Dentist In Atlanta

ATLANTA, Ga.—March 06, 2014— Tralongo LLC,, an Atlanta-based firm that
specializes in dental practice acquisitions, announced today it has entered a development
agreement with Dr. Terry Lemons, D.D.S, founder of Lemons Dental. The agreement
will serve the markets of northern Atlanta. Dr. Lemons is expected to acquire five dental
practices by 2019, with an estimated combined revenue of $10 million. With more than 90 years of combined experience in dental management and acquisitions,
Tralongo LLC partners with entrepreneurial dentists who are looking to grow their
business by acquiring and operating multiple practices.
Originally from Indiana, Dr. Lemons decided to move to Georgia permanently in 1991,
after completing his residency in Emory University a year earlier. He opened his own
practice in 1996 in John Creeks.
Six years go, he moved the dental office to Suwanee, where he has been located ever
since. Focusing on cosmetic dentistry, Lemons Dental is a full-service family practice
that provides a wide scope of services, including full-mouth reconstruction, specialty
dentures, cosmetic crowns, fillings, root canal therapy and teeth whitening.
“The economy has finally leveled off and like the rest of the businesses, dental practices
are moving ahead,” said Dr. Lemons. “Atlanta offers great market opportunities for
growth. We are ready to expand through an acquisition strategy and are looking to add
mature practices that have been around for a while to our infrastructure. We know Atlanta
is the ideal market to fit our goals.”
Atlanta recently ranked No. 12 on Forbes’ list of America's Fastest-Growing Cities 2014.
The list is compiled in terms of population and economy, with Atlanta reporting a growth
rate of 1.27 percent for 2013 and median pay of $62,500.
Tralongo LLC created a proven system to identify, operate and increase profits in dental
offices. Achieving great success last year, the firm began 2013 with revenues of about
$20 million and is expected to reach $80 million in revenues by the end of 2014.
The firm’s five-step process consists of providing clients with a training course, finding
the right dental practices to acquire, obtaining the appropriate financing, assisting with
the transition from the old ownership to the new owner and working with the doctors to
continue operating the new offices to maximize the profit.
“We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Dr. Lemons to our Tralongo family,” said Dr.
Ken Tralongo, CEO of Tralongo LLC. “ Dr. Lemons is an example of the growing need
among successful dentists to get out of the chair and take their business to the next level.
With his strong background, knowledge of the market and passion for the dental industry,
we anticipate a great partnership.”
“There is a time in your dental career where you move from starting and managing a
practice to finding new opportunities for expansion,” added Dr. Lemons. “We are at that
place right now. We are looking forward to using all the experience we have acquired
over the years and working on new challenges.”

About Tralongo LLC:
Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., Tralongo LLC is a firm that partners with dentists
throughout the United States to help them expand their practices through the acquisition
of exisiting dental offices. With over 90 years of combined experience in dental
management as well as dental transistions and acquisitions, the Tralongo team assists
clients by finding the pracices that meet their criteria, completing the due diligence,
obtaining the appropriate financing and ultimately acquiring the office. The firm also
provides clients with behind-the-scenes management support, including finance, human
resources, marketing and ongoing education. For more information on Tralongo LLC,
call 678-288-4712 or visit