Kerr Aims to Clearly Define the Term “Universal” in Bonding Agents

ORANGE, CA – March 13, 2014 – Kerr Corporation, a leading manufacturer of innovative dental products, is launching a campaign challenging the dental industry to consider the true meaning of the term “universal” when describing a bonding agent.

“Many bonding agents today are labeled ‘universal,’” said Adrienne Collins, Senior Product manager at Kerr. “But the term has not been clearly defined. Our new #DefineUniversal campaign hopes to remedy that and put a spotlight on the semantics of what universal really means for dentists when it comes to bonding.”

Collins explained that Kerr’s OptiBond XTR is a genuinely universal bonding agent because it delivers predictable outcomes for every kind of clinical procedure, and it bonds to the gamut of restorative substrates available on the market today, while being compatible with resincements without the use of separate phosphoric acid, desensitizer, silane, or dual cure activator.

“If the true definition of ‘universal’ describes a product’s ability to be used successfully with all common procedures and on a broad variety of surfaces, OptiBond XTR fits the bill,” added Collins, who encouraged dentists interested in the topic to visit Kerr’s new site focused on the subject,, which will contain a series of unlockable how-to and educational videos and other information.