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DentiMax - Dream Sensor

Jim Ramey, Director of Digital Imaging, DentiMax, discusses the benefits of using the Dream Sensor.

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Dansereau Health Products - Universal Operatory

Harry Nelson, Vice President, Dansereau Health Products, shows why he's excited to introduce the Universal Operatory at the CDA.

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Kerr - OptiBond XTR

Michael Padilla, Sr. Product Manager, Kerr Corporation, tells viewers why OptiBond XTR is the self-etch, light-cure universal adhesive that dentists should be using. OptiBond XTR self-etch, light-cure universal adhesive stands by itself because it's the only bonding agent that embodies both the power and durability of a total-etch adhesive and the simplified protocol of a self-etch technique. For more information, visit

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Orascoptic - Freedom

Matthew Gotto, Product Manager from Orascoptic, explains the advantages of Freedom compared to other light systems.

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Kerr - Dealer Representative

Jaklin Khodabaksh, Sales Representative, Pearson Dental, discusses some of the Kerr products and other things she saw at the CDA. To contact her, send e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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Myray - X-Pod

Sandra Stein, Marketing Manager, Myray, discusses the benefits of using the X-Pod wireless digital system.

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CDA Anaheim 2011

Dentistry Today will be blogging from the California Dental Association Meeting in Anaheim on Thursday, May 12 and Friday, May 13. This blog is sponsored by Kerr Corporation. It will feature new product demonstrations and live dentistry techniques from some of the top clinicians. The purpose of our blog is to bring what you missed from the meeting live to your practice or home as if you were there on the exhibit floor. The blog will showcase video demonstrations from various manufacturers, explaining what's new with their products and all the features on how they work and operate. If you missed our last event, Dentistry Today most recently blogged from the Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in February. To view previous blogs and our upcoming CDA blog, visit

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DENTSPLY Caulk booth - Aquasil

At the DENTSPLY Caulk booth, we saw the Aquasil Ultra Smart Wetting Impression material, which is designed to create precise results on a consistent basis and make handling easier. It reduces voids and bubbles, while also distinguishing details in the oral field and adapting more efficiently to tooth structure. We saw the impact when combined with the surface optimizer B4.

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Danville Materials booth

At the Danville Materials booth, we saw the PrepStart H2O, which is a hydro-abrasion system. It sprays a conical jet of water around the abrasive stream so that it removes any dust from the surface, providing better cutting results.

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DenMat booth

At the DenMat booth, we were shown the new Sapphire portable diode laser. It can be used effectively for new or experienced laser users and it boasts disposable tips and finger-touch control with a footpedal if you want one. The Sapphire has the ability to do a wide array of functions that can suit any practice.

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BISCO Dental Products booth

At the BISCO Dental Products booth, we saw the DUO-LINK SE Kit, which is a universal adhesive cementation system that has all of the essential components involving adhesion to tooth structure and indirect substrates. The kit is versatile, with a primer involving various substances.

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Carestream Dental booth

At Carestream Dental booth, we saw the new KODAK RVG 6500 System, which is a digital radiography sensor system. It’s unique because it’s the first system to have the intelligent positioning system to provide accurate sensor placement during patient examinations.

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Essential Dental Systems booth

At the Essential Dental Systems booth, we saw Ti-Core Flow+, which is a 2-in-1 core buildup material. It comes with narrow tips for use in the canal for post cement and it has tips with a wider diameter to quicken core buildup.

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Midmark booth

At the Midmark booth, we saw the capabilities of the PowerVac G dry vacuum unit and the Artizan drawer line.

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Discus Dental booth

At the Discus Dental booth, we saw the new SL3 soft-tissue diode laser. It includes many of the features of the NV Microlaser, including disposable fiber tips, battery operation and its wireless footpedal activation. It also has a full-color LCD touchscreen and voice confirmation that provides audible feedback.

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Evolve Dental Technologies booth

At the Evolve Dental Technologies booth, we learned that the KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching system can now finish its whitening process in 50% less time than in the past. The quicker whitening time is a result of the introduction of the new Dual Accelerated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide technology.

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AXIS Dental booth

At AXIS Dental booth, we saw the Zir-Cut diamonds, which is a Z-cut diamond that prevents microfractures and makes life easier for all dentists and lab personnel that work with ceramic, zirconia or other similar materials. The diamonds were created to reduce vibration to result in a smooth finish.

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KaVo Dental Booth

At the KaVo Dental booth, we were introduced to KaVo’s new series of handpieces. The Expert Series, Master Series and Smart Series all have unique features and have many capabilities, depending upon what type of procedure you are looking to do.

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Ultradent Products - Opalescence Oh!

At the Ultradent Products booth, Opalescence Oh! was introduced. It’s a whitening system that possesses unit-dosed disposable bulbs filled with Ultradent’s sticky and viscous whitening gel. In addition to Oplascence Oh!, Ultradent unveiled a new version of Opalescence Boost.

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties' WaveOne

DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties’ WaveOne is an obturator oven that was developed for heating WaveOne endodontic obturators during use for root canal therapy.

This is a video demonstration of how WaveOne works.

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