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3M ESPE Booth

At the 3M ESPE booth we saw the Elipar S10, which cures with 1,200 mW/cm2 of intensity. It has up to 50% more optical power and up to 80% more curing surface. It’s multiple-setting light timer has preset cure times of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 120 seconds. It has 60 minutes of curing time with a fully charged Lithium-Ion battery. 3M ESPE also hosted the Battle of the Bonds, which was a battle that showed Adper Easy Bond Self-Etch Adhesive against other adhesive brands. The battles took around 15 or 20 minutes.
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Vatech America Booth

At the Vatech America booth the PaX-Reve3D has one of the most flexible fields of view for products of its type. It offers CBCT, panoramic, and cephalometric functions, and its field of view can be customized. The result is that the areas of diagnosis can be extended. It also uses a voxel size of 0.08 mm to produce higher definition radiographic images. Its new area sensor is twice as sensitive as most film sensors. If images need to be reconstructed, it can be done in the shortest time possible.
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DentalVibe Booth (video)

At the DentalVibe booth we saw the DentalVibe, which eliminates the anxiety most patients have about visiting the dentists. The DentalVibe takes advantage of the Gate Control Theory of Pain because it delivers anesthetic injections without any pain or discomfort. Dr. Steven G. Goldberg decided he wanted to invent this kind of product because he didn’t like the idea of the necessary pain that had to be inflicted upon dental patients for certain procedures. The VibraPulse technology sends microsonic oscillations to the neurological sensors to block the pain.
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Air Technologies Booth

At the Air Techniques booth there was the Spectra. It enables reliable detection of fissure caries and caries on smooth surfaces of the tooth after a professional cleaning. It uses fluorescent light to display its results. Healthy tooth enamel appears green and the image is red when caries are present. The images can hit home for the patient because they can view the easily distinguished pictures. The product is the same size as most intraoral cameras.
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DENTSPLY Midwest Booth

At the DENTSPLY Midwest booth we saw the Stylus ATC, which utilizes speed-sensing intelligence. The speed-sensing intelligence enables the handpiece to maintain its speed—even at 330,000 rpm—depending on the load. It also sports superior turbine suspension, which is an advanced suspension system. The superior turbine suspension prevents any noticeable bur deflection and chattering to allow for better control and precision.
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Ivoclar Vivadent Booth

At the Ivoclar Vivadent booth the Odyssey Navigator, with its 810-nm wavelength, showed why it’s invaluable for everyday soft-tissue procedures. Some of its features that make it unique include automated fiber management system, wireless foot control, a touchscreen, and unidose fiber tips. The result is less healing time and complications after treatment.
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Heraeus Kulzer Booth

At the Heraeus Kulzer booth there was the Venus Bulk Fill, which is a flowable composite that reduces stress. It enables bulk filling of 4 mm to provide efficient and easy solution for posterior restorations. It saves time compared to earlier versions of the product and similar kinds of products because of its better flowability. Its radiopacity makes certain that any necessary diagnosis is as accurate as possible.
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Magnified Video Dentistry Booth (video)

At the Magnified Video Dentistry Booth we saw the MagnaVu. The product is geared toward magnification and ergonomics and its screen shows 4 pictures. It can magnify pictures in the patient’s mouth up to 24x. It allows the dentist to work in a heads-up position, which alleviates any possible back, neck or shoulder pain. It can also be used with most kinds of dental software. Click Read more to see product video from the Greater New York Meeting.
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Brasseler USA Booth (video)

At the Brasseler USA booth we saw the EndoPro 270. It’s a cordless heating unit that makes it easy to seal off the gutta-percha. It heats up to 270°C then can quickly cool down. It can be used for creating post space. It utilizes its ergonomic design and the newest technology to deliver unprecedented precision. Watch the demo on the next page. Just click read more.
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Kuraray America booth

At the Kuraray America booth there was the CLEARFIL SE Protect, which is light-cured, self-etch bonding agent. It produces a fluoride-releasing, anti-bacterial cavity cleansing effect. It is the first product of its type to get FDA approval in the United States. It’s stronger than the traditional cavity cleanser.
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Essential Dental Systems Booth

At the Essential Dental Systems booth we saw the EZ-Fit passive fiber post system. Its made with strong material, which enables it to be the most selective passive post on the market. The post is dual-tiered to prevent the high apical stresses that are common to other passive posts. It allows for an intimate to dentin to cement interface.
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BISCO Dental Products Booth

At the BISCO Dental Products booth there was the CORE-FLO DC, which is a versatile, dual-cured, fluoride-containing material. It resists fatigue and provides long-lasting durable restorations. It has the ideal level of hardness, so it cuts just like dentin.
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Pentron Clinical Technologies Booth

At the Pentron Clinical Technologies booth the Mojo Veneer Cement System was shown. It doesn’t require the need to change the shade because there are four distinct shades, which are light, clear, dark and movie star white. The water soluble try-in gels enable a perfect match each time.
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GC America Booth

At the GC America booth EXA’LENCE combines the best of VPS and PolyEther. KALORE, a composite restorative, uses the same paint that’s used in trucks. The long-ridged core creates a product with strong, flexible arms. It has much less sensitivity than comparable products.
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Discus Dental Demo (video)

At the Discus Dental booth Hero, a hydrophilic sealant, was used to smooth out the edge so that the product won’t leave ridges. The BPA-free sealant will still adhere even with water or saliva present. Hero is effective because of Embrace technology, which bonds in moist conditions. Click read more to view the demonstration.
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Triodent Booth

At the Triodent booth there was a demonstration of the Wedgeguard. The guard gets taken off so the wedge goes in, and the rings are made of Ni-Ti. Triodent also introduced the VeroNobis oral retractor. The product was designed to relax the tongue and minimize any potential gag reflex.
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Suni Booth

At the Suni Imaging booth the three-sensor promo kit is being sold for about half price, which is the biggest promotion they've ever offered. The three sensors that can be included are any size combination of the USB Interface and the Prof. Suni Master Software. Suni also introduced the Suni3D in HD. All of the Suni pan systems can be upgraded to the full pan/ceph systems and there are special deals on all products.


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Isolite Systems Booth

At the Isolite Systems’ booth there was a demonstration of the Isolite system. It improves the procedure’s productivity by about 30 percent. The system keeps the mouth illuminated continuously throughout the entire procedure, something other products can't say.
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Ultradent Products Inc. (video)

At the Ultradent Products’ booth there was a demonstration involving the VALO curing light and the skill it takes to use any curing light proficiently. The Management of Accuracy when Resin Curing (MARC) system measured the intensity and wavelength of the user.

For the full video of the demonstration, read more on the next page.

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LumaLite Booth at GNY

At the LumaLite booth we saw the Lumacool whitening pen, which has been repackaged and is now smaller than ever. Each pen is good for 40 applications and LumaLite is selling roughly 6,000 per week.
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