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Woodstock Based Tischler Dental announces results of groundbreaking, 3 year study on Teeth Tomorrow. See the entire press release here.

Nothing results in dental erosion more than soft drinks, according to a recent study by the Journal of Public Health Dentistry.

The study showed that a large number of adults show signs of dental erosion. The cases are most severe for people who consume sugary soft drinks and fruit juices.

To compile the data, the researchers analyzed almost 4,000 people. It was determined that 79 percent showed signs of dental erosion while 64 percent displayed mild tooth wear. There were also 10 percent of the people who showed moderate tooth wear and 5 percent of the people who had severe tooth wear. The correlation was clear between the people with high tooth wear and the people who consumed more soft drinks and fruit juices.

Milk tended to be a more common beverage for people with lower levels of tooth wear.

The study indicated that men were twice as likely to be at risk for dental erosion when compared to women. Tooth wear also became more prevalent as people got older.

Water and milk are the best beverages to consume based on the lack of sugar present. Many sodas and fruit juices possess more sugar than should be consumed in a portion.

Dental erosion stems from exposure to acid and may result in pain when consuming hot or cold food. The acidity can be nullified by saliva, unless the high-acid drinks are consumed too frequently. Any beverage with a pH lower than 5.5 could cause damage.

Ivoclar Vivadent congratulates Robert A. Ganley, CEO, on his 35-year anniversary with the company. As a leader throughout the dental industry, Ganley’s unique vision has propelled Ivoclar Vivadent ‘s growth and expansion. With a passion for providing quality esthetic dentistry, Ganley’s leadership has led to the development of premier all-ceramic restorative materials, including IPS e.max, as well as comprehensive digital solutions for dental laboratories and dental practices. This and other Ivoclar Vivadent products continue to change esthetic restorative dentistry, enabling greater predictability, enhanced esthetics, and longer-lasting restorations.
“I have been fortunate to be surrounded by great people,” said Ganley.  “That’s what makes this company so special.”  Under Ganley’s direction, Ivoclar Vivadent has grown significantly, with 3,200 employees now working worldwide in 120 countries.  His leadership has enabled Ivoclar Vivadent to remain a worldwide leader in dentistry.   “Our goal is to create innovative products and solutions that create opportunities for our customers,” Ganley added.  “We do this by simply listening to the needs of our customers.”
                  Ganley earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in business administration. In 1980, he joined Ivoclar Vivadent as a Vice President and was named President of Ivoclar Vivadent North America in 1990. In 2003, he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Ivoclar Vivadent Worldwide in Schaan, Liechtenstein. As the global CEO of Ivoclar Vivadent, AG, Ganley is responsible for the worldwide business of Ivoclar Vivadent. He spends half of his time in Europe and half in North America.  “It is a great honor and privilege to be part of the Ivoclar Vivadent network of companies, he added.  “Let’s see what the next 35 years has in store.”

Ivoclar Vivadent has donated $100,000 for emergency relief and assistance in the re-establishment of dental health services. 
As an expression of solidarity and a contribution to helping the people left destitute by the earthquake in Nepal, Ivoclar Vivadent has pledged $100,000 for immediate aid to the Red Cross, which is helping the survivors at the disaster scene.
In addition, Ivoclar Vivadent is in contact with its local representative and the Nepal Dental Association and will provide sustained assistance in the re-establishment of dental services in the country.
Nepal is one of the poorest countries in the world. A powerful quake of 7.8 magnitude struck parts of the country on 25 April, killing more than 7,000 people and causing extreme devastation. It was the strongest earthquake to hit the Himalaya region in more than 80 years.  Earlier this week, Nepal was hit again by a series of earthquakes.

Dental professionals in France are now able to order BIOMET 3i products online - 24 hours a day, seven days a week at
The store allows customers to easily browse and purchase products through the use of credit cards. Orders are automatically processed through the system, and products are shipped directly to the customer. Among the store’s numerous features is a “Saved Items” list that allows customers to easily reorder products with the click of a button. In addition, customers can check their order status.
“We are dedicated to expanding e-commerce services to our customers around the world,” says BIOMET 3i President, Bart Doedens. “Now customers in France no longer need to call customer service or a sales representative to order products. We look forward to providing the speed and ease of online ordering to other regions of the world.”
The BIOMET 3i France store can be accessed at

The dental office has proven to be troublesome for children with autism spectrum disorder. But that may change soon.

A recent study explored the feasibility of adapting the dental environment to be easier to handle for children with autism spectrum disorder. The research was conducted at the University of Southern California and Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. The study appears in the Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders.

A regular dental environment, with its bright lights, loud sounds and many other sensations, can cause anxiety.

To compile the research, there were 44 patients studied—22 children with autism and 22 without. They underwent two professional dental cleanings. One of the cleanings occurred in a regular dental environment and the other in a sensory-adapted dental environment (without overhead office lights and headlamps and playing soothing music). The adapted dental environment also included a seat cover that looked like a butterfly. Each child’s physiological anxiety, behavioral distress and pain intensity was analyzed.

The data showed that there was less psychological anxiety and lower pain and sensory discomfort for all children in the sensory-adapted dental environment. Still, the study could aid in the improvement of oral health for children with autism—a group that usually suffers from poor oral health.

The information could also provide some cost saving in the healthcare system in regards to the extra staff members and more anesthesia generally necessary for children with autism.

The next study of this nature will include 110 children to offer a larger sample size of data for the researchers.

One of the secondary goals of this study was to determine the impact of sensory component on behavioral issues in a dental environment.

The study is important because one in 68 children in the United States have autism spectrum disorder.

Following a nationwide nomination and voting process, Ultradent Products, Inc., an international dental supply and manufacturing company based in South Jordan, Utah, was selected out of over 3,000 other companies evaluated to receive the Golden Hands Award of Xcellence for Ethics and Truth in Advertising, on April 30th at the California Dental Association meeting in Anaheim, California.
Initial nominees for the prestigious award were selected by a respected group of clinicians and leaders in the dental industry, including numerous well-known Key Opinion Leaders. Nominees were selected based on criteria that includes ethical conduct, placement of public health before profits, dependable products, knowledgeable personnel, and excellent customer service. The nominees were then voted on by thousands of practicing dentists across the nation to select one winner: Ultradent Products, Inc.
Of receiving the honor, Dr. Dan Fischer, President and CEO of Ultradent Products, Inc. said, “We’re so honored to have received this recognition. Additionally, it must be said that the true honor for this award goes to the men and women at Ultradent who work tirelessly every day to uphold the values upon which Ultradent hangs its hat: Integrity, Care, Quality, Innovation, and lastly, Hard work. They embody these values in the way they contribute to our vision every day, regardless of their personal job description or the continent on which they serve. We are humbled to receive this recognition and will use it as a critical reminder of our duty to continue to be responsible and caring to those we serve, both inside and outside Ultradent. Indeed, we are truly fortunate humans. Onward and upward!”
The Golden Hands Award of Xcellence has the distinction of being the most elaborate award in Dentistry. Conceptualized by Amir H. Motamed, DDS, the sculpture was designed and made by commissioned artist and master craftsman, Donjo. The sculpture is made of casted bronze over an Italian barble base. It stands 16 inches tall and weighs 18.4 pounds. The sculpted Golden Hands of Dentistry are shown upholding the four colored triangles of the dental profession: Dental Education, Dental Professionals, Dental Organizations and the Dental Industry—all pointing to a common core.

Sirona’s Early Bird Registration for its upcoming CEREC© 30th (CEREC 30) Anniversary Celebration is quickly coming to an end. The company that pioneered digital dentistry is advising dental professionals to purchase tickets now for the three-day digital dentistry extravaganza before special Early Bird Registration offers expire on May 31st.

Following a full review of ticket sales momentum and current registration numbers for the event, the Company quickly realized that event tickets are selling at an extremely rapid pace and are urging dental professionals to take advantage of the special pricing before the CEREC 30 Early Bird Registration special comes to an end on May 31st.  

“A number of very attractive incentives are offered for early registrants including lower ticket prices, VIP Packages offered at a reduced price, and more,” remarked Sirona Dental, Inc. President, Michael Augins. “We are extremely pleased with the outstanding level of interest so far and based on current registration trends, we project that Sirona’s CEREC 30 Celebration event will be the most well-attended CEREC Anniversary Celebration to date. Securing a spot early enough at the world’s premier digital dentistry festival ensures that dental professionals will receive maximum purchase packages at the lowest prices.”

The wildly popular, three-day digital dentistry extravaganza is being held at The Venetian® and The Palazzo® Hotel in Las Vegas from September 17-19th 2015. Tony Robbins will headline an outstanding lineup of vibrant business motivational speakers including Magic Johnson, a two-time Hall of Famer turned business entrepreneur and philanthropist, and Fred Joyal, renowned speaker on dental practice marketing. Attendees will also enjoy musical entertainment from the Grammy-award winning rock and roll band Train.

In addition to an impressive lineup of motivational speakers and top-of-the-line entertainment, the CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration will provide up to 18 CE credits across a comprehensive spectrum of digital dentistry topics and tracks, and feature an exhibit hall showcasing top dental companies and their products and services.

All dental and dental lab professionals are encouraged to visit before May 31st to take advantage of Sirona’s Early Bird Registration specials.

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