Zest IP Holdings, LLC and Zest Anchors, LLC (Collectively, “ZEST”) announce that they have settled the patent and trademark infringement lawsuit brought by Zest against Implant Direct Mfg. LLC, Implant Direct LLC, and Implant Direct Int’l (Collectively, “Implant Direct”), Implant Direct Sybron Manufacturing LLC, and Implant Direct Sybron International LLC (Collectively, “IDSI”).
Within the agreement, IDSI will manufacture and sell the GoDirect® products under a license from Zest. IDSI will also phase out the GPS® abutments and males and begin selling the Locator® Attachment System under a distribution agreement with Zest. The wide-ranging settlement was designed to provide IDSI’s customers a seamless experience transitioning back to the Locator Attachment System, which is considered the gold standard in the industry.

Digital technology is changing dentistry and dental education. The Kois Center has long been recognized as a leader in utilizing science and technology to advance dental education. Today, at its annual educational symposium in Seattle, the Kois Center announced a new partnership with 3M, a trusted leader in applying science and technology toimprove oral care. The goal of the collaboration is to improve oral wellness through advanced technologies and education.

As a first step, the Kois Center has selected the 3M™ True Definition Scanner for its educational offerings. In addition, Kois will pioneer an advanced education course starting later this year for new digital workflows and applications utilizing the 3M True Definition Scanner. The Kois Center also announces a collaboration with Evidentiae software, a new web-based application designed to utilize accurate intra-oral scan data that’s based on Kois comprehensive risk assessment and treatment planning principles.

“The digital technologies to this point have been primarily used by dentists as a tool to automate existing dental procedures,” said Dr. John Kois, owner and founder of the Kois Center. “The exciting opportunity for us going forward is to utilize this new technology as an intelligent analytical system to predict, plan, and communicate treatment. To realize this vision, we needed an intra-oral data capture system that was not only highly accurate, affordable, and easy to use, but we also needed a partner like 3M who shares our values and our vision for the future.”

“A true digital replica of the oral anatomy will be an essential component of the patient record of the future,” said Dan McMaster, global business director of 3M Digital Oral Care. “Not just because it is the starting point of most advanced dental procedures, but it is the easiest way to communicate with the patient, and the most efficient way to monitor change over time. Dr. Kois and the Kois Center have been truly visionary in understanding how to utilize this digital data to take the practice of dentistry to new levels, and we are excited to partner togetherwith them on this most important health initiative.”

A preview of the new offering was introduced to the Kois faculty at the annual symposium today, and will begin an evaluation phase with select Kois faculty during the remaining half of 2015. For more information on the 3M True Definition Scanner, visit More information about the Kois Center can be found at

Angie Stone, RDH, BS founder of HyLife, LLC, a company that provides compassionate oral care services for dependent elders, recently collaborated with dental marketing veteran Michael Ventriello to co-author a do-it-yourself marketing manual in an e-book format, exclusively for its network of independent oral care specialists.

HyLife’s independent oral care specialists visit nursing home clients on an average of once a week to provide a thorough brushing of natural dentition as well as prosthetics such as bridges and partial dentures. They also provide interdental cleaning with dental floss or other over- the-counter interdental aids and dispense xylitol-based oral care products to help prevent caries.

According to Stone, “After Michael and I collaborated on developing a full range of marketing tools, including brochures, presentations, telemarketing scripts and press release templates, we realized we also needed to provide our oral care specialists with directions on how to use these tools.”

“What started out as a simple directions-for-use brochure evolved into a comprehensive do-it-yourself marketing manual,” explained Ventriello. “It was written specifically for hygienists, to help them build a successful HyLife business in their local communities.” 

The HyLife Marketing Manual is an e-book that includes chapters on the following topics:

  • Prospecting
  • Cold Calling & Follow-Up Calls
  • Email Etiquette
  • Presentations
  • Events
  • Public Relations
  • Advertising
  • Social Media

The success of the HyLife program is a passion of Stone and her team of Independent Oral Care Specialists because dependent elders in nursing homes have the worst oral health compared to any subset of the U.S. population. “They are losing their teeth at epidemic proportions, are at increased risk of heart attacks and strokes and are dying at alarming rates from aspiration pneumonia, which can be caused by bacteria from the mouth being aspirated into the lungs,” explains Stone.

“If this marketing manual can help Angie’s team be more successful, more of our elders will have improved oral health, which in turn will mean improved health and quality of life in their remaining years,” added Ventriello.

The HyLife Marketing Manual is an exclusive, downloadable resource for HyLife Independent Oral Care Specialists. HyLife service territories are assigned by zip code on a first-come, first-served basis. For additional information, visit , call 608-884-0038, or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Pankey Institute announced today five new merit-based scholarships to provide young dentists and dental students with the opportunity to attend the prestigious Institute’s Pankey Essentials curriculum. The Pankey Essentials is a series of four advancing courses. Through these postgraduate courses participants gain the clinical, leadership, management and human influence skills necessary to succeed in dentistry today and throughout their careers.

The endowed scholarships are funded by members of The Pankey Institute’s alumni community: Dr. Denny Byrne and Dr. Nancy Ward; Dr. Kathryn Delfs (honoring Dr. Brian Gray); Dr. and Mrs. Steve Ikemiya; Dr. and Mrs. Mark Murphy; and Dr. and Mrs. Dale Sorenson to help defray the cost of attending the core curriculum at the Institute.

The scholarships are merit-based and recipients are selected primarily on the basis of leadership potential in the field of dentistry, commitment to lifelong learning, and active participation in community service.

“We pride ourselves for offering the most comprehensive advanced education available,” Ms. Ricki Braswell, president and chief executive officer of The Pankey Institute, said. “These scholarships allow us to provide young dentists, burdened by unprecedented levels of debt, access to the highest quality dental education. We are honored and humbled by the generosity of these members of the Pankey family, who have chosen to impact the future of dentistry through the Institute.”

The Pankey Institute hosts more than 30 courses a year and is unique as a not-for-profit organization in the postgraduate dental education arena. Since its founding forty-six years ago, it has remained among the most prestigious in the world, attracting dentists from more than 40 nations. More than 25,000 dentists, dental laboratory technicians and specialists have attended its courses and now serve millions of patients worldwide.

For more information on The Pankey Institute’s scholarships, world-class dental education programs and to obtain a scholarship application, please call 800.472.6539 or visit

A simple study of teeth may include more information than one would think.

Manish Arora, BDS, MPH, PhD, Director of Exposure Biology at the Senator Frank Lautenberg Environmental Health Sciences Laboratory at Mount Sinai and Associate Professor in Preventive Medicine and Dentistry at the Icahn School of Medicine and Dominic Hare, PhD, used the dental biomarker technology to separate breast-fed babies from formula-fed babies. This new technology can now be used to analyze a link involving early iron exposure and late-life brain diseases, such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s. These diseases are associated with abnormal processing of iron.

This and other theories were described in a “Perspectives” article by researchers from the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai and the University of Technology Sydney and Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health in Australia, and published online in Nature Reviews Neurology.

Some of the research included that the combination of increased iron intake during infancy with a predisposition to impaired metal metabolism could damage those cells as time goes on. With the addition of new technology, researchers can now determine things that happened more than 60 years ago in some cases.

In regards to baby formula, there’s a need to better understand human iron metabolism based on the popularity of formula and fortified cereals. Adding iron to formula has been happening for years. But in the United States and Europe, there’s little evidence to suggest that children get too little iron. This is an area where this technology could chip in.

The authors also believe that the iron supplementation need of infants is an area worth analyzing. The issues come based on the necessity to recreate iron content in breast milk. The current methods may not be ideal for all infants. Finding a definitive answer to this question and others could be found based on the new technology.

Sirona Dental, Inc., the company that pioneered digital dentistry, announced today that sponsorship opportunities and exhibition space at its upcoming CEREC 30th Anniversary Celebration (C30) are officially sold out, completely filling the expansive 100,000 square-foot trade show floor. 
Scheduled for September 17-19th, 2015 at The Venetian and The Palazzo Hotel in Las Vegas, CEREC 30 is a three-day CAD/CAM extravaganza featuring outstanding clinical education across a comprehensive spectrum of digital dentistry topics, an impressive lineup of musical talent and motivational speakers, networking opportunities, and an exhibit hall showcasing top dental companies and their products and services.
“CEREC 30 is proving to be the must-attend event of the year not only for dental professionals, but also for the leading dental industry vendors showcasing their products and services at the C30 trade show,” said Sirona Dental, Inc. President Michael Augins. “Every inch of the trade show floor will be filled with unique and valuable opportunities for CEREC 30 attendees to experience the best digital dentistry products that our industry partners and exhibitors have to offer.”
CEREC 30 sponsors include:

  • Diamond Sponsors: Ivoclar Vivadent and DENTSPLY
  • Platinum Sponsor: Comprehensive Finance
  • Gold Sponsor: VITA North America
  • Silver Sponsors:, ClearCorrect, and 1-800-DENTIST
  • Bronze Sponsors: CareCredit, Digital Enamel, Fortune Management,
    and Isolite
  • Orthodontic Symposium Sponsors: American Orthodontics and Dolphin
  • Exclusive Distribution Partner Sponsor: Patterson Dental

To view the entire list of trade show exhibitors, the CEREC 30 pre-show program or to register as an attendee, all dental and dental lab professionals are encouraged to visit, or call 844-CEREC30. Companies that wish to be placed on a wait list for CEREC 30 exhibit hall booth space if it becomes available should contact Meggan Polich at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

On Saturday, July 11th, approximately 20 Team Schein Members participated in a TeamSmile event, which took place during Major League Baseball’s All Star Weekend in Cincinnati, Ohio. During the event, 116 children received complimentary oral health assessments and treatment at the US Bank Boys and Girls Club. In addition to dental treatments, such as X-rays, fillings, cleanings and sealants, children were educated on the significance of good oral hygiene and were given instructions about proper brushing and flossing techniques.

“This is our third year partnering with TeamSmile and each year the event brings more smiles to the children we help,” said Butch Stenger, Henry Schein Dental’s Regional Manager in Cincinnati. “I am so proud of the Cincinnati Dental community who were so eager to fill the much needed volunteer positions – all in just three days. The quick mobilization of Team Schein volunteers says a lot about our team and everyone’s willingness to ‘Give Back’ and ‘help health happen for children in our area.”

Henry Schein Cares, the global corporate social responsibility program of Henry Schein, Inc., has donated approximately $50,000 in dental supplies, materials and equipment, as well as transportation to support the 2015 TeamSmile program.

People with no other options for dental care are doing whatever they can to receive dental care at an increasing rate. And in many cases, that means taking a trip to the emergency room.

The most recent data from the American Dental Association shows that people looking for urgent treatment for dental problems doubled to 2.2 million during a 12-year stretch ending in 2012.

The situation doesn’t appear to be getting better any time soon, since many people can’t afford routine dental care. These people often have no other choice to receive treatment than to visit the emergency room. These issues could be avoided if the people had access to dental care.

The statistics show that the American healthcare system spends more than $1.6 billion each year treating dental patients even though emergency rooms are generally not equipped to do so. The emergency room doctors usually can only provide short-term treatment and antibiotics that can fight infection. Specialized dental treatment is necessary.

More than one third of adults don’t have dental insurance. So, other than receiving dental treatment from a dentist offering his or her service at a charity event, the emergency room seems like the best option for many people.

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