Ivoclar Vivadent Giveaway Includes Race Simulator on the Show Floor

Visit the Ivoclar Vivadent booth during the Chicago Midwinter Meeting for the "e.max 500 Experience," where dentists can enter to win $500 and a grand prize of a trip to Daytona for the Big Race.

All you need to do is get an entry card and visit 3 stations to learn about Ivoclar Vivadent's products, including IPS e.max, cements, and composites. An Ivoclar representative will stamp your card at each location. Once you have all 3 boxes stamped, you can enter for the cash prize and the grand prize. Also available is a 2-minute race simulator that puts you in the driver's seat for the Big Race.

Ivoclar Vivadent's booth number is 1817. The contest is open to dentists only.

The TechCentral Hybrid Backup Service from Henry Schein Practice Solutions helps dentists efficiently store practice and patient data both onsite and in the cloud. The company’s remote support services team also helps dental practices manage data backup and recovery if data is ever lost. According Henry Schein, dentists and office managers can then spend less time backing up data and more time delivering oral healthcare. 

“Practitioners using manual, complex, and time-consuming processes to back up their patient data can rely on Henry Schein TechCentral to provide quality customer service so they can operate a more efficient and productive service,” said Kevin Bunker, president of North America Dental Practice Solutions at Henry Schein. “By co-managing the backup process and monitoring users’ daily backup, Henry Schein’s TechCentral team can proactively resolve issues or errors that are detected so that practitioners can continue to provide quality patient care.”

The Hybrid Backup Service uses Advanced Encryption Standard 256-bit encryption to help protect customers’ data. Also, TechCentral will help customers in confirming that backups are completed successfully by sending notifications and reports via email, keeping customers abreast of activity on their account. For more information, go to hstechcentral.com/backup or call (844) 435-1009.

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Carestream Dental now offers its CS 8100 3-D system with a cephalometric imaging option in addition to several new 3-D applications. The CS 8100SC 3D boasts the fastest scanning time of any scanning cephalometric unit on the market at as little as 3 seconds, according to the company. Also, its exclusive imaging software recognizes anatomical structures and traces them automatically, going from scanning to tracing within 90 seconds to improve efficiency.

At 72.5 inches wide, the CS 8100SC 3D fits into practices of all sizes. With panoramic, cephalometric, and CBCT imaging options, including multiple 3-D fields of view (from 4 x 4 cm to 8 x 8 cm), it suits orthodontists, general practitioners, and multispeciality practices.

The updated 3-D applications are part of the CS Solutions for Implants portfolio, which includes the optional prosthetic-driven implant planning module that combines CBCT volumes with digital impression data sets along with a virtual crown and implant for “crown-down” implant planning.

As part of the CS Solutions for Orthodontics portfolio, the system can scan traditional impressions or plaster models to create digital models for easier storage. These models then can be manipulated and analyzed in 3-D using CS Model software.

With its new low-dose program, the CS 8100SC 3D can deliver 3-D imaging at a dose equal to or lower than panoramic imaging while still capturing high-quality images, Carestream reports, suiting pediatric, orthodontic, and follow-up examinations.

And, the system’s CS Adapt module enables doctors to customize the look and feel, including image contrast and sharpness, of panoramic and cephalometric images to suit their clinical needs. Doctors who already own a CS 8100 3D can upgrade to the CS 8100SC 3D.

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The E scanners from 3Shape are designed to deliver high quality and advanced scanning features and precision CAD/CAM workflows at an affordable price. All 3 scanners in the series feature a pair of 5-Mpixel cameras, a blue LED, and multiline high-speed scanning for optimal detail capture and accuracy to enable labs to complete more cases in less time.

Also, the E scanners improve lab productivity while saving time and costs by offering reliable impression scanning, which lets labs scan traditional impressions directly without having to pour a model, and Auto-start, which starts the scanning as soon as the model is placed inside the E scanner.

The E1 and E2 boast ISO/12836 implant 10/12 µm accuracy, respectively, while the E3 offers ISO 12836/implant 7/10 µm accuracy. Also, the E1 scans an arch in 40 seconds, the E2 does it in 30 seconds, and the E3 does it in 24 seconds. A full arch impression takes the E1 130 seconds, the E2 90 seconds, and the E3 80 seconds.

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Coltene’s Brilliant EverGlow universal submicron hybrid composite is designed to meet the demands of both aesthetics and durability in anterior and posterior restorations. According to the company, it immediately shows an exceptional smooth surface with a satin shine directly after placing the filling, making polishing a minor issue and minimizing the time needed for performing highly aesthetic restorations.

Also, Coltene states that the filling material excels through its pronounced gloss retention, maintaining its initial gloss after 6,000 cycles in a toothbrush simulator. In a field test of the material’s polishability with 39 dentists from Europe and the United States, 100% of the participants gave Brilliant EverGlow a positive judgement, and 76.9% of them gave it the highest possible score.

The application of a single shade can provide unerring and highly aesthetic restorations, Coltene says. In addition to the 7 universal composite shades, 2 translucent shades provide the option of an individual characterization of particularly translucent enamel areas. The Brilliant EverGlow shade system is completed with 3 opaque shades that mask strongly discolored teeth and provide the basis for aesthetic restorations.

Plus, Brilliant EverGlow’s smooth consistency and dimensional stability make it easy and convenient to apply in cavities, the company states. Elaborately modeled cusps, ledges, and contact points remain intact and do not slump. Furthermore, the composite’s high resistance to prolonged exposure to surgery lighting completes its ideal handling, Coltene says. Its wettability supports adhesion to bonded tooth surfaces instead of sticking to the instruments as well.

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Infused with zirconia, DMG America’s LuxaCore Z-Dual composite core buildup material offers exceptional physical properties that now include better flowability, strength, and aesthetics. With the most dentin-like cuttability in its category, clinicians get precise margin preparations with less ditching. The result is excellent fit, a long-lasting restoration, and the best possible care for the patient. It is available in natural, blue, and light opaque shades. For more information, call DMG America at (800) 662-6383 or visit dmg-america.com.

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Estrogen therapy helps women in menopause reduce hot flashes, improve heart health and bone density, and maintain levels of sexual satisfaction. Plus, the same therapy that treats osteoporosis may lead to healthier teeth and gums as well, reports the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). 

As estrogen levels fall during menopause, women become vulnerable to numerous health issues including loss of bone mineral density, which can lead to osteoporosis. Around the same time, changes in oral health also are common as teeth and gums become more susceptible to disease, which can lead to inflammation, pain, bleeding, and loose or missing teeth.  

Researchers have found an association between osteoporosis treatment and severe periodontitis in postmenopausal women. They evaluated 492 postmenopausal Brazilian women between the ages of 50 and 87 years, with 113 in osteoporosis treatment and 379 not treated, to determine whether osteoporosis treatment could help increase the bone mineral density in their jaws and improve overall oral health.

According to the study, the rate of occurrence of severe periodontitis was 44% lower in the postmenopausal osteoporosis treatment group than in the untreated group. The treatment comprised systemic estrogen alone or estrogen plus progestin, in addition to calcium and vitamin D supplements, for at least 6 months.

“Osteoporosis can occur throughout the body, including the jaw, and lead to an increased risk of periodontal disease,” said Dr. JoAnn Pinkerton, NAMS executive director. “This study demonstrates that estrogen therapy, which has proven to be effective in preventing bone loss, may also prevent the worsening of tooth and gum disease. All women, but especially those with low estrogen or on bisphosphonate treatment for osteoporosis, should make good dental care a part of their healthy lifestyles.”

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GC America’s G-CEM LinkForce resin cement is designed to provide secure adhesion across a range of restorations in a single system, with 3 base elements. G-Premio BOND is crafted to bond to preparations including teeth, metal abutments, and composite core buildups with no compromises. G-Multi Primer ensures stable chemical adhesion to restorations, even on precious metals. And, G-CEM LinkForce provides a strong bond in virtual all indications, ensuring universal clinical use.

With the dual-cure activator, users have a choice of curing modalities. Efficient light curing provides high bond strength, and the thin film doesn’t interfere with crown placement. The self-cure mode also is designed to be particularly useful when cementing opaque or thick restorations. And, according to the company, the resin cement’s light curing is ideal for the cementation of veneers.

G-CEM LinkForce is indicated for the cementation of all types of all-ceramic, resin, and metal-based inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges; the cementation of metal, ceramic, fiber posts, and cast posts and cores; the cementation of all-ceramic and composite veneers (up to 2 teeth); and the permanent cementation of crowns and bridges on implant abutments.

Designed with aesthetics in mind as well, 4 shades are provided to match cementation needs, accompanied by their corresponding try-in pastes, along with tooth-like fluorescence and color stability throughout time.

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Orascoptic’s Endeavour XL headlight is designed to provide a precise beam of light that helps illuminate critical details that often can be overlooked by the naked eye. With a 25% longer runtime than the standard Endeavour headlight, it provides up to 24 hours of continuous battery life. Also, the addition of multiple light intensities of 53, 68, and 85 lumens enables users to select the optimal light output for each procedure.

Constant-current technology ensures the Endeavour XL’s light output won’t diminish during the battery pack’s runtime. The battery pack recharges in up to 8 hours, and it can be used while the lithium-ion battery is recharging. And, the headlight weighs just 0.38 ounces. The Endeavour XL comes with a 3-year warranty on the cable and LED and a one-year warranty on the battery pack. For details, visit orascoptic.com/products/headlights/endeavour-xl

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While dentists play a key role in encouraging oral health, friends and family can be influential too, according to Brenda Heaton, PhD, MPH, an assistant professor of health policy and health services research at Boston University’s Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine. She and her colleagues at the university’s Center for Research to Evaluate & Eliminate Dental Disparities have been investigating oral health and disease among residents of Boston’s public housing.

Most of their work has focused on whether or not “motivational interviewing” can influence how women care for their children’s diet and oral health—specifically, their impact on kids with dental caries. Mounting evidence suggests that one-on-one behavioral interventions, like motivational interviewing, may change short-term behavior, but their effects don’t last long.

“We started to get a sense that there may be more influences that we need to acknowledge beyond just the individual,” said Heaton, who also found that social networks—not Facebook and Twitter but networks of friends, family, and acquaintances—may play an overlooked role in oral healthcare.

Some of the women who were interviewed had been born and raised in the family unit they were living in and were now raising their own children in that unit, meaning grandmothers, mothers, and children all living together. Those close connections influenced how people behaved, Heaton said, and the researcher had to tap into those networks herself to make significant progress against diseases like tooth decay.

That is not easy, but it is important, said Thomas Valente, PhD, a professor of preventive medicine at the University of Southern California and an expert in social networks in healthcare. People believe information more when it comes from someone they know or respect, and evidence indicates that people are more willing to trust people who are like them, Valente said. All too often, he added, health information is handed to a community by people on the outside, and it is less impactful.

“It’s like West Side Story,” said Valente, who was not involved in Heaton’s study. “It’s like being a Shark and having a Jet come up to you and tell you to do something. It is just not going to happen.”

Heaton wants to spread resources about good oral health, not only to combat tooth decay but also because oral health in intertwined with other health concerns. For example, she is interested in sugar-sweetened beverage consumption not just because it is a risk factor in oral health outcomes but also because it can lead to obesity and obesity-related health conditions.

To understand the connections that existed in the community, the researchers needed to draw a social map. Since 2008, they have interviewed close to 200 women living in Boston public housing and have identified nearly 1,000 influential individuals. Heaton is using those network maps to find similarities about how information flows through these communities. The ultimate goal is to use the map to introduce health information and resources into a community in ways that change long-term behaviors.

“You can’t design those interventions until you actually have a really strong grasp of the network structure,” said Heaton.

For instance, she said, if you want to make an impact, should you look for community members with the most personal connections or for people with large influence but with fewer personal ties? Or, should you take advantage of existing connections or seed new ones? The power of this approach, Heaton said, is that it focuses on prevention rather than cures since tooth decay is entirely preventable.

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