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Portable Laser Tackles Variety of Indications

The Lucerna dental diode laser from Viax Dental Technologies targets a variety of oral soft tissue and cosmetic procedures as well as the rapid polymerization of photo-intitiated materials. Weighing just one kilogram, the portable laser can be moved from operatory to operatory. Indications include:


• Gingivectomies and gingivoplasties;


• Gingival troughing and recontouring;


• Tissue retractions;


• Papillectomies;


• Whitening;


• Frenectomies;


• Periodontal debridement;


• Orthodontic placement;


• Implant recovery;


• Viax FIRSTFIT preparation technology placement.


The laser's rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides up to 8 hours of use. Operation is designed for easy setup with a multilingual touchscreen display. Also, its blue aiming beam enhances visibility by creating contrast with the tissue, Viax states. Continuous and pulse modulation power modes are available as well.

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