Public Dental Clinic in Russia Photographed: Click to See Images

05 Apr 2017
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Henry Schein Practice Solutions has partnered with Axia Technologies (AxiaMed) to streamline dental practice billing. Find out what this partnership means for Dentrix Enterprise users. The first LANAP Bootcamp has been established with the Naval Postrgraduate Dental School, courtesy of the Institute for Advanced Laser Dentistry. This will allow military personnel to return to duty faster and with less pain. Also this week, see the images that have gone viral of a practicing dental clinic in Russia that shows unsanitary and unsafe conditions.

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Teeth Successfully Grown in Animal Model

New research in Japan shows that teeth could be grown in a large-scale animal model – watch now to learn the details of the study. In Europe, a plan has been put in place to phase out mercury by the year 2020. And lastly, the Wednesday Watch brings you just some of the big headlines delivered at last week’s International Dental Show in Germany and Hinman Dental Meeting in Atlanta.

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