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PHAST PIPS™ Laser Endo, Effective & Exclusive

WPT™ Laser Perio, Advanced Dual Wavelength


Conservative Osseous Procedures

Bloodless, Suture Free Soft Tissue Procedures

NEW X-RUNNER Digital Scanner, Faster and More Precise

Nightlase Procedure - Laser Snoring And Sleep Apnea Reduction

SmoothLase Procedure - Laser Facial Rejuvenation

MacPractice Interoperating with MacPractice Apps for iPad and iPhone

MacPractice DDS is best-of-class dental practice management software for dentists who prefer
to use Apple technology in their office. Our “patient-centric” AND “practice-centric”
software is the simplest, most elegant, and most powerful practice management software
with the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership). As a complete and comprehensive solution
to run your practice, MacPractice DDS features integrated administrative, billing, and clinical
features in a single database. MacPractice makes it possible for patients to participate in streamlining
registration by entering their own information into MacPractice Patient Check In, Clipboard and
iEHR Apps for iPad.

MacPractice DDS delivers the highest quality software at a reasonable cost. And our full spectrum
of integrated ONC-ACB 2014 Edition Certified software, hardware solutions, and associated remote
and onsite support services equip a modern practice for success.

Learn about MacPractice the company, MacPractice DDS and MacPractice Certified Products and Services,
Hear from dentists using MacPractice, register for an introductory webinar and view demo videos at Year End Specials!

Some features of MacPractice DDS include:

  1. Digital Radiography
  2. MacPractice Check In, Clipboard, and iEHR for iPad
  3. MacPractice EDR
  4. Attachments
  5. Schedule
  6. Inventory

MacPractice is Simplicity in Practice

With more than 15 years of experience in dental and healthcare, TechCentral is your single-source team of experts for design, delivery and support of proven technology solutions. Integrated networks from TechCentral are reliable, affordable and help you provide innovative patient treatment and improve practice management.
When we create single crowns our focus is on the tooth being restored. Many times the adjacent teeth are virgin or have small restorations. Using a clever crown design we can create a preventive restoration for the adjacent teeth. The Proactive crown is designed and manufactured with the contacts constructed of Resin Modified Glass Ionomer (RMGI). The concept is that the contacted teeth will be constantly be bathed in Fluoride as it is released. Also the nature of RMGI is that it can be recharged when fluoride is applied to it. That can be achieved in small increments with over the counter fluoride toothpastes or higher level prescribed gels and rinses. Since the contacts are not in an occlusal bearing area, there is virtually no wear. Speaking of contacts, if the crown should come in from the lab either too tight or not tight enough, this is a very simple in-office adjustment. Details are in the accompanying video.
BienAir showcases a few new innovations. The new motor and contrangle are smaller and lighter. For years dentists with smaller hands did not like the weight, balance and drag on the hands and wrist despite advantages of electric over air turbine. This new design improves the balance and produces less hand fatigue. One major advantage of electric handpieces is the ability to control speed, torque and rotation direction and with the BienAir the ability to instantly change from high speed to low speed with the same attachments. This has become much easier with a new iPod controller in the iOptima unit. Not only is the interface easy (and familiar) to use but it can “remember” settings for various procedures. This feature is extremely useful in using various endodontic files. All of the manufacturers’ specifications and settings are in the system which is upgradable by the operator as well as from the factory via the internet using the iPad interface. Its partner product, iChiroPro uses an iPad to control implant surgery along with these other features.

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