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Red wine may be good for your overall health but not so…
New research shows that modulation of B cells could treat and possibly…
A recent discovery could pave the way for better treatment of oral…
There may be a new way to treat oral cancer. Mouse models…

Some Healthy Treats May Be Harmful

27 Jul 2014
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Healthy treats may not be what they claim to be. Many treats…

Stem Cells May be Used to Grow Teeth

07 Jul 2014
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Stem cells may be closer to being implemented. The ability to turn…
Many people don’t realize it but the adverse impact of sugar intake…

Rare Genetic Trait Discovered in Skull

29 Jun 2014
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The skull of a man who likely had trouble eating was recently…

Coffee Could Lead to Healthy Teeth

27 Jun 2014
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There may be a newly discovered benefit to drinking coffee. Recent studies…

New Method May Heal Teeth Without Pain

26 Jun 2014
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A new technique may have what it takes to aid tooth healing…

Nutrition is Vital Part of Oral Health

10 Jun 2014
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More stress needs to be placed upon other aspects to truly determine…

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