17th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase

The Midwinter Product Showcase highlights products that will be featured at the Chicago Dental Society's 147th Midwinter Meeting. If you can't make it to the show, it's not a problem. Dentistry Today will be conducting a blog during the Midwinter Meeting. To stay up to date on the happenings, visit dentistrytoday.com/live-blog.


The Metalift Crown and Bridge Removal System removes inlays, three-quarter crowns, full crowns, and fixed bridges without destroying them, thus allowing them to be reused. The system is gentle on patients and their teeth. For more information, call (800) 928-9289.



Microbrush applicators are specially designed for precise application of controlled amounts of material in hard-to-reach areas. Their superior design features stiffer applicator heads in 3 sizes that allow for scrubbing, reliable fibers that resist the harshest dental materials, and a stronger bendable portion. They are ideal for applying cements, etchants, sealants, bonding agents, hemostatic solutions, and conditioners. For more information, call (866) 866-8998 or visit microbrush.com.



This new sequence with only 3 Ni-Ti instruments simplifies the initial endodontic treatment and optimizes cleaning. The asymmetrical cross section of the REVO-S facilitates penetration by a snakelike movement and offers a root canal shaping that is adapted to the biological and ergonomic imperatives. This sequence has a cutting mechanism to eliminate debris and a cleaning cycle that optimizes root canal cleaning by improving the upward removal of the generated dentine debris. For more information, call (800) 221-0750 or visit medidenta.com.


ZIRCONIA CROWN - Nobel Biocare

NobelProcera gives dentists and dental laboratories the capability to deliver the highest quality aesthetics simply, affordably, and quickly by combining industrialized production processes with versatile and individualized aesthetics. It enhances clinical results and boosts businesses. It has the broadest range of materials, including alumina, colored and white zirconia, and titanium, among other features. For more information, call (800) 993-8100.


IMPLANT - OCO Biomedical

The new Engage implant features OCO Biomedical's patent-pending Bull-Nose Auger tip, aggressive body threads, and Mini Cortic-O Thread. It also incorporates the universal internal hex connection, making it compatible with multiple implant system's abutments and drivers. The Engage is bundled with a temporary abutment/impression coping, flush healing screw, tissue extension, and analog at an extremely competitive price. For more information, call (800) 228-0477.


LED HEADLIGHT - Orascoptic

The new Zeon Endeavour LED Headlight combines both power and comfort while delivering outstanding illumination. Endeavour features the miniature gumdrop headlight, capacitive touch technology, and a compact battery unit. This light delivers up to 4,000 foot candles of high quality white light. For more information, call (800) 369-3698 or visit orascoptic.com/endeavourpr.



Obtura Spartan is proud of its newest heat source, the Obtura MaxPack. It represents the latest technology for gutta-percha compaction during endodontic procedures. This product can be used to remove excess gutta-percha during lateral condensation techniques, create an endodontic post space, or compact gutta-percha for warm gutta-percha injection techniques. For more information, call (800) 344-1321 or visit obtura.com.



OralDNA Labs will be showcasing 2 molecular salivary DNA tests to help dentists identify patients with or at risk for periodontal disease. MyPerioPath detects the presence and quantity of specific bacteria associated with periodontal disease, while MyPerioID PST assesses an individual's genetic risk for periodontal disease. For more information, call (877) 577-9055 or visit oraldna.com/training.



The PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage Scanning Technology is dedicated to the highest quality, lower radiation, and most diagnostic images. It features up to a 53% reduction in radiation, up to a 50% reduction in scan time, a profession-leading 0.15 mm focal spot, powerful, intuitive software with implant planning, fusion/stitching function, and endo tracing tools. For more information, call (855) PREXION (773-9466).


DIAMOND BURS - Premier Dental Products

Premier Solo Diamonds are gamma sterilized for single-patient use. Available in all popular shapes, they represent a new level of care for patient safety. Sterilization certification is backed by independent testing proving seal integrity for five years. Dentists will enjoy cutting with a new, always sharp diamond. For more information, call (888) 670-6100 or visit premusa.com.



The eFiber and Perma Mesh are the only fiber reinforcement materials that bond to composites and acrylics to increase strength up to 100 times, are invisible, easy to adjust and polish, bond to enamel, and are easy to use chairside. They include full and partial denture repair, reinforce weak areas in overdentures, night guards, periodontal splinting, space maintainers, nonmetallic Maryland bridges, and more. For more information, call (800) 232-7732.



The effective, noninvasive, and easy-to-use Perio Tray is a prescription device that places solutions of the clinician's choice into gingival crevices or periodontal pockets. Dentists determine frequency and duration of usage based on individual patient conditions. The soft, flexible trays are comfortable and custom-fitted to the individual patient. For more information, call (877) 434-GUMS (4867) or visit periotray.com.



TempSpan Transparent Temporary Cement is a eugenol-free, resin-based cement used for retaining provisional restorations. Virtually colorless, it safely secures provisional crowns and bridges without influencing the overlying color. A dual-curing cement, it provides the ultimate in flexibility, enabling the clinician to light cure for an instant set in addition to providing the option of waiting 5.5 minutes for a chemical cure. For more information, call (800) 551-0283 or visit pentron.com.



You can get accurate vitality readings and maximize patient comfort with the affordably priced Digitest II, the next generation in battery-operated pulp testers. Ergonomically designed, it is controlled by a powerful microprocessor, provides reliable diagnostics, offers 3 rates of stimulus, simple push-button activation, and an LED display. It includes 4 autoclavable tips. For more information, call (800) 243-7446 or visit parkell.com.



F-Splint-Aid Slim is a fiber-glass band preimpregnated with a bonding agent, ideal for all situations where unexpected emergency splintings are required. It is further indicated for the general stabilization of teeth in case of advanced periodontal diseases and traumas, including temporary repositioning of avulsed or extracted teeth. The new narrow version (2 mm) grants the same strength, even if conceived for the treatment of surfaces with reduced dimensions. For more information, e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


WHITENING SYSTEM - Philips Oral Healthcare

Many patients ask for the Zoom WhiteSpeed Light-Activated Whitening System. And now Zoom is better than ever, with advanced, new LED light technology, variable intensity settings, a worldwide public relations campaign to drive patients to dental professionals, and new programs to help you quickly and easily integrate Zoom into your practice. For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit philipsoralhealthcare.com/zoomwhitespeed.php.



Numbness in the mouth after dental work can be embarrassing and annoying. Eating, drinking, and speaking are awkward, and patients feel like their face is distorted. You can give them relief from numbness and return to sensation in half the time with Oraverse. It's not recommended for use in children less than age 6 years or weighing less than 33 lbs. For more information, visit oraverse.com.


ANTISEPTIC RINSE - Sunstar Americas

G∙U∙M PerioShield Oral Health Rinse is an innovative aid for the prevention and treatment of gingivitis. It is a nonbactericidal rinse with a unique mechanism of action—it coats the teeth and gingiva to create an invisible protective shield. The formation of biofilm is disrupted, making it easier to remove. For more information, call (800) 528-8537 or visit the Web site gumbrand.com.


BUR KIT - SS White Burs

The Comfortable Cavity Preparation Kit is configured to efficiently provide less invasive, more comfortable caries preparation options for patients. The kit features Fissurotomy burs for hidden caries exploration in enamel and Smartburs II for safe caries removal in dentin. Both instruments eliminate the need for anesthetic in most Class I, II, and V cavity preparations, compared to use of conventional carbide burs. For more information, call (800) 535-2877 or visit sswhiteburs.com.



SNAP Instant Cosmetic Simulation software is designed to increase your cosmetic revenue from the very first day you use it. From small enhancements to a complete smile design, you can instantly create a digital smile makeover that motivates patients to accept treatment and schedule their appointment. SNAP is user-friendly, requires virtually no training, and comes with a no-risk guarantee. For more information, call (866) 987-7627.


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17th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase