19th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase

Composite Polisher - Microcopy

Microcopy’s Gazelle is a new, sterilized nanocomposite polisher. The exclusive Silatec process produces a flexible, durable polisher designed to last without falling apart. Gazelle Satin removes surface striations for a flawless satin shine. Gazelle Hi-Gloss polishes to a wet luster gloss. For more information, call (800) 235-1863 or visit gazellepolisher.com.


Laser - Millennium Dental Technologies

Millennium Dental Technologies’ PerioLase MVP-7 Digital TruePulse Nd:YAG laser is specifically designed for the LANAP protocol, an evidence-based, patient-preferred laser perio­dontitis treatment, and the LAPIP protocol, which saves ailing/failing im­plants while maintaining gingival esthetics. For more information, call (888) LANAP-LZR or visit the Web site lanap.com.


Pan/Ceph Scanner - MyRay/Cefla Dental

MyRay/Cefla Dental’s Hyperion X9 is a modular system that meets practices’ varying needs and comes with a wealth of smart features to benefit patients and users alike. From bite-wings, wide-focus panoramic, and volumetric tomography to multiple ceph, TMJ, and sinus projections, it continuously delivers supreme imaging. For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit myrayamerica.com.


Removable Prosthetics - MicroDental Laboratories

MicroDental Laboratories’ MACSTUDIO Removable Prosthetics are now available for personalized complete prostheses, frameworks, orthotics, diagnostics, and other services. Utilizing premium prosthetic materials and award-winning technical competencies, MACSTUDIO prosthetics offer crafted gingival characterization and anatomical detail. For more information, call (800) 229-0936.



NSK Dental’s new lightweight, titanium body series possesses a unique, 45°-angled head specially designed to make access easier for sectioning and extraction of third molars and other impacted teeth. Its robust 21W of cutting power and triple water jet cooling system ensure safe and effective treatment. It’s available in 9 different back ends to fit most handpiece coupling systems and features a 2-year warranty. For more information, call (888) 675-1675 or visit nskdental.us.


Implant System - Nobel Biocare

Nobel Biocare’s NobelActive implant is designed to provide minimally invasive insertion, high stability in compromised bone, gradual bone condensing, and built-in platform shifting. It has an expanding tapered body with double variable threads and a dual-function prosthetic connection. Its apical drilling blades enable “active” directional changes for optimal positioning, while macroscopic grooving and the unique TiUnite surface enhance osseointegration and soft-tissue response. For more information, call (800) 322-5001.


Loupe/Headlight - Orascoptic

Orascoptic’s XV1 is the world’s first wireless loupe and headlight combination. This innovation seamlessly combines Orascoptic’s award-winning loupes and award-winning headlight—featuring a lightweight and completely cableless design. By removing the heavy and bulky belt packs of past headlights, XV1 has been ergonomically designed for comfort, function, and style. For more information, visit the Web site orascoptic.com/xv1.


Oral Cancer Screening Device - OralDNA Labs

OralDNA Labs’ OraRisk HPV test is a noninvasive, easy-to-use screening tool for identifying the type(s) of oral HPV, a mucosal viral infection that could potentially lead to oral cancer. It also helps clinicians to establish increased risk for oral cancer and determine appropriate referral and monitoring conditions. For more information, call (877) 577-9055 or visit oraldna.com.


Oral Probiotic - Oragenic

Oragenics’ EvoraPro supports dental and gingival health while naturally whitening teeth and fighting bacteria that causes bad breath. Each tablet contains an extra-strength blend of ProBiora3 probiotics. These beneficial bacteria bind to teeth and go under the gingival margin, crowding out undesirable bacteria to establish the colonization center of a healthy, balanced oral microflora necessary to sustain ongoing oral health. For more information, visit evorapro.com.


Small-Diameter Implant - OCO Biomedical

OCO Biomedical’s SDI is a 2.2-, 2.5-, or 2.9-mm small-diameter, one-piece implant, precision machined out of titanium alloy with OCO Biomedical’s proprietary surface-treated threads. The aggressive thread pattern increases stability and is available in both o-ball and crown and bridge options. For more information, call (800) 228-0477.


Ultrasonic Scaling Unit - Obtura Spartan

Obtura Spartan’s Spartan Wave Piezo Electric Ultrasonic Unit, used in conjunction with Obtura Spartan’s wide variety of ultrasonic tips, provides a complete system that clinicians can use for preparation of root canals, retrograde preparation, gutta-percha condensation, scaling and root planing, and periodontic treatments. For more information, call (800) 344-1321 or visit obtura.com.


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19th Annual Midwinter Product Showcase