Top 50 Technology Products 2011

Dentistry Today’s Second Annual Readers’ Choice Top 50 Technology Products, selected on the basis of lead generation, represent some of the profession’s most innovative technology products.


The new DentalVibe Gen II features many advances over the previous model. It has twice the power, increasing the amplitude at the vibrating tip. This leads to greater sensory nerve stimulation, enhancing the pain blocking effect. Proprietary VibraPulse technology stimulates the sensory nerves at the injection site—effectively closing the neural path gate, thereby blocking the pain of injections. Its new white tip increases visibility within the oral cavity, as does the superbright LED illumination that provides optimal illumination. The addition of many microfilaments further stimulates the oral mucosa, offering a greater vibrational stimulation. It has a technical addition to the motherboard that provides an increase in voltage, increasing the power output, as the tip is retracting the lip or cheek. It is cordless and handheld, with strategically placed finger grips. It weighs less than 3 oz and delivers soothing, pulsed percussive microoscillations to the injection site. For more information, call (877) 503VIBE (8423) or visit



The Digital Doc IRIS USB intraoral camera is a precision optical instrument with features like the positive stop 5-point focus wheel, so you always get the picture and focus you want and the uniquely designed USB connector that fits in a standard delivery unit. The IRIS elegantly streamlined handpiece with dual-capture buttons has a much smaller, specially designed soft tip with brilliant 8-point LED lighting and Sony's Hi-Resolution CCD to combine for the finest picture quality. Providing a camera is the beginning of the relationship with doctors, not the end. There's a 2-year parts and labor warranty on all camera models. Digital Doc's award-winning customer service is the cornerstone to a successful relationship with users. For more information, call (800) 518-1102 or visit



The SmartLite Max LED curing light has all of the features of an LED curing light you are looking for, providing confidence in all your light-cured restorations. This light combines 2 LEDs in the tip to provide multiple-wavelength output for stress-free curing confidence. It features cordless or corded operation—if you run out of battery during a procedure, plug the power cord into the handpiece and continue working. The SmartLite Max LED curing light also provides 4 different output modes, including standard, ramp, boost, and pulse. With these features, as well as a large curing area, sealed construction, a built-in radiometer, and a unique lens to provide better curing over distances, the SmartLite Max LED curing light is the most complete LED curing light on the market today. For more information, call (800) 532-2855 or visit



The Funky Tool lets practices create custom-colored sports mouthguards and removable appliances right in their offices. Attached to the Dreve Drufomat Scan thermoforming machine, the tool allows patients to express their individuality by selecting their favorite colors, the colors of local sports teams, or even their school colors. These standout devices are natural conversation starters that generate peer envy, patient buzz, and word-of-mouth referrals. For more information, call (800) 883-8733.



An alternative to halogen-based operatory lights, the everLight LED operatory light provides color-corrected lighting, precise light pattern, and energy-efficient features that are simply not possible using traditional halogen lighting. It encompasses a long life of 30,000-plus hours, 10 times longer than halogen, reducing the need for regular replacement of light bulbs. Users will enjoy substantial savings on monthly energy expenses since it uses less than 35W of energy, 70% less than halogen-based systems. For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO or visit



Designed for rotary and reciprocation instruments, the new e3 torque control motor offers quiet operation, and its large, clear, easy-to-read display is preprogrammed for the WaveOne reciprocating file as well as all other DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental Specialties' file settings, including (but not limited to) ProFile Vortex, ProTaper Universal, and PathFile plus 15 other programmable settings. It operates on battery or AC power and in rotary mode offers speed settings from 250 to 1,000 rpm, torque settings from 20 to 410 g-cm, and auto-stop, reverse, and forward. A 6:1 contra-angle (e-type) is included with the unit. For more information, call (800) 662-1202 or visit



The new RadioLASE 3 generator enables dentists and oral surgeons to cut and coagulate soft tissues with extreme precision. Operating at 4.0 MHz, it minimizes heat dissipation and cellular alteration, giving you the precision you require with the versatility you need. Its features include the following: (1) it's clinically proven to cause less thermal damage than lasers; (2) it's easy to use; (3) no special courses are needed; (4) it's safer than lasers—no danger from scatter—and no safety goggles are needed; (5) it's very affordable, without the expensive maintenance costs of lasers; and (6) it sports a large assortment of electrode shapes and sizes for easy access to all areas of the mouth. For more information, call (800) 835-5355 or visit



Isolite Systems' dental isolation technology provides unprecedented control over the oral environment. It comfortably retracts the tongue and cheek, protects the throat, and keeps the mouth gently propped open with continuous suctioning of the dental patient. With the tongue out of the way and a dry field in which to work, dental procedures are completed 30% faster on average with less stress for the dental professional and improved comfort for the dental patient. The award-winning Isolite provides 5 levels of brilliant intraoral of illumination. The nonilluminated Isodry performs the same functions as Isolite, but with no light. Both systems utilize the patented Isolite mouthpiece. The unique shape and softness of the mouthpiece allows fluids and debris to be evacuated from deep within the oral cavity. Single-use Isolite mouthpieces are available in multiple sizes to fit the spectrum of patients from small child to large adult. For more information, call (800) 560-6066 or visit the web site



The EVA digital x-ray system delivers big value. Backed by the proven reliability of tens of thousands of installations ranging from single-chair clinics to dental chains, it offers a rugged sensor design coupled with the highest standard of technology. Just a few millimeters thin, EVA delivers crisp, clear radiographs with virtually any intraoral x-ray head. The CMOS imaging chip is designed for maximum durability, and the sensor sizes are nearly identical to pedo- and adult-size films. Fast USB connectivity delivers images to the computer monitor in seconds. Its TWAIN driver allows EVA sensors to work in most imaging software systems. For more information, call (800) 592-6666 or visit


DIODE LASER - Ivoclar Vivadent

The Odyssey Navigator features technology that provides more convenience, easier operation, more flexibility, and great portability. All Odyssey lasers come with in-office support, hands-on training, one of the best warranty programs in the profession and one of the best total values in the profession. It has several features, including the following: (1) portability with a lithium-ion battery that provides 45 minutes of portable lasing, allowing you complete freedom to use the Odyssey Navigator in any operatory; (2) functionality
that comes standard with more than 30 preset clinical procedures installed along with the ability to create your own programs. It has an intuitive touchscreen for easy activation and an ergonomic handpiece for comfort; (3) in-office support provides hands-on demonstration and training, given by your local Ivoclar Vivadent representative. It's included with your purchase; and (4) education and live hands-on training are provided at an Ivoclar Vivadent training center and are included with your purchase. For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or visit



The TwinPower Turbine high-speed product line includes 3 compact head designs: standard, mini, and the new 45° featuring redirected airflow for patient safety. Its unique, double-impeller rotor design offers up to 22W of power for smooth, efficient cutting even under high load conditions. A pressurized air system prevents the intake of contaminated aerosol and other particles into the airline, resulting in superior infection control. TwinPower Turbine handpieces offer a compact head that offers enhanced maneuverability and superior access. A uniquely designed grip features a ceramic coating that enables a relaxed hold of the handpiece and improves durability. This product line also offers safe rapid braking within 2 seconds, ceramic bearings, LED coupler option, direct connection to popular coupling systems, and a 2-year warranty. For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482) or visit



Demi Plus LED Light Curing System represents the next generation in premium curing light technology and features a number of design enhancements. Powered by Demetron Technology, it holds the profession's first self-cleaning "cap and swipe" battery design, which simplifies charging, and its exterior is composed of Valox resin, a high-performance plastic that is lightweight yet highly durable. Additional enhancements include an extended turbo light guide that improves access for posterior procedures and a 3-year warranty. In addition to these enhancements, the Demi Plus maintains the same features as previous curing light models. The wand is lightweight and ergonomic, while the Periodic Level Shifting technology drives cool, continuous high output to deliver a true 5-second cure for shades A3 and lighter without generating excess heat. And as with all Demetron lights, a whisper-quiet fan prevents the unit from overheating and extends the overall life of the LEDs. For more information, call (800) KERR-123 or visit



The VELscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment System features updated optics technology, a unique cordless design, and affordable pricing that now make it easier than ever for dental practices to detect oral cancer and other forms of oral disease, and the system received 510(k) clearance from the FDA, making it available for sale in the United States. It shines a blue light into the oral cavity and excites natural tissue fluorescence. When viewed by the clinician through the Vx's patented filters, abnormal tissue typically appears as an irregular, dark area that stands out against the otherwise normal, green fluorescent pattern of surrounding healthy tissue. Exams take only a few minutes and are completely free of any pain or inconvenience for patients. LED Dental has sold more than 6,000 units of the first-generation VELscope device since its introduction in 2006. For more information, call (888) 541-4614 or visit



Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of Medidenta's amalgam waste disposal program, and by utilizing this program, dental offices will be equipped with an amalgam separator, an amalgam waste disposal unit, and a vacuum line cleaner all for a profession-low entry price and low monthly service plans. Medidenta's M.A.R.S amalgam separator features an ISO mercury recovery rating of 99.9% and is maintenance-free for its life cycle, which means never having to change a filter. You can install it and forget it for at least 3 years until it is time to replace the separator at no charge. For more information, call (800) 799-3858.



With MyRay's innovative Hyperion X7, users not only benefit from the most intuitive pan and ceph scan process but also from MyRay's small-field VT plug-in. Explore a 4- x 4- x 10-cm area in transversal slices to survey bone availability and accurately plan single implant sites. Comfort, efficiency, and user-friendliness make this intelligent extraoral radiography machine an instant winner for any dental practice. It applies utmost sophisticated kinematics to accurately follow patients' complex morphology for constant image magnification. Morphology Recognition Technology automatically identifies patient size and all parameters required to ensure correct x-ray exposure. It completes scans in less than 9 seconds and offers the choice of 15 programs, including bitewings and temporomandibular joints. Ceph imaging is available and incorporates smart solutions for increased patient comfort. For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit


iPad INTERFACE - MacPractice

The MacPractice iPad Interface with ePrescribe is designed with Apple's Web App development tools. It provides remote and network communication from an iPad to dental offices that use MacPractice DDS. Utilizing the interface, dentists can create new patient records in MacPractice from the iPad and post procedures and diagnosis from outside the office or in an exam room. Daily practice activity reports can be reviewed easily from outside the office, notes can be sent between the office staff and the doctor, and e-mail can be sent to patients and referring providers. Office schedules and patient photos can be viewed, and dentists and assistants can review and record patient vital statistics and chronic diagnoses and review prescription history and allergies when seeing a patient, all on an iPad. For more information, visit



In contrast to the conventional LED, which is used in applications from a simple flashlight to the brake lights of a car, the MK-dent LED captivates by a special property— the characteristic of the light itself—to meet the diverse needs of dentistry at the highest level. A unique method of displaying white light allows the MK-dent LED to produce one-of-a-kind natural daylight at a color temperature of 5,500K. Other LEDs produce a cold, artificial-looking light with a bluish cast. Dentistry's basic requirements for the detection of contours and shading are difficult to clear when using regular LED lighting. For more information, visit


MICROSCOPE - Magnified Video Dentistry

The new MagnaVu Dental Procedure Scope 3 produces precise, clear, highly magnified images and eliminates the need for magnified loupes or microscopes, thereby reducing back, neck, and eyestrain. By incorporating the scope and a more ergonomic posture position during procedures, dentists can reduce aches and pains and may actually prolong their careers by eliminating the need to constantly bend or twist over the patient. In fact, musculoskeletal disorders are the No. 1 reason for dentists retiring early. Imagine being able to perform lengthy procedures with your head up, looking straight ahead at highly magnified images on a high-resolution 19-in video display placed at eye level. The updated MagnaVu PS 3 Scope has a longer down tube leading to a new, triple-axis swivel at the scope head, providing additional movement, more visibility, and better viewing angles than in the past. For more information, call (877) 556-6587 or visit



With the ORTHOpix affordable, nonproprietary solution you can view high-resolution digital study models in the free Adobe Reader software. It allows you to have access to the interactive PDF file from any Internet location. You can e-mail the PDF file to colleagues and patients and import the PDF file into your practice management software for easy access. The files are backed up on ORTHOpix servers at no additional cost. You can send impressions or stone casts. There are no gimmicks, tiered pricing, or startup costs. For more information, call (888) 777-1945 or visit



The new, cost-effective PreXion3D Elite with CLEARimage Scanning Technology is dedicated to providing dentistry's highest quality, highest definition, low-radiation dose, and most diagnostic 3-D and multiplanar CBCT images. Its features include the following: (1) profession-leading 0.15-mm focal spot; (2) up to a 53% reduction in radiation and a 50% reduction in scan time; (3) powerful, intuitive software with implant planning, fusion/stitching function, and nerve and endodontic tracing tools; (4) proven advanced training and customer support; and (5) a "green" computer/server, reducing energy consumption by 50%. The inherent deficiencies and limitations of 2-D radiographs make cone beam computed tomography scans a valuable tool to investigate and diagnose anatomy in both 3-D and multiplanar reformation images. The ability to view 3-D and multiplanar reformation images slices in cross-section, long axis, and oblique directions and angles gives dentists unprecedented ability to accurately diagnose and treatment plan. For more information, call (855) PREXION or visit


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Top 50 Technology Product 2011