Kuraray America - CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS

Kuraray America - CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS

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Dental adhesion is the foundation of bread-and-butter restorative dentistry. The practitioner must have full confidence in the ability of the bonding agent to adhere securely to the re­maining tooth structures, both enamel and dentin, and to provide an adhesive interface to the overlying composite. Today’s bonding agents are also expected to be technique in­sensitive, easy to apply, and to eliminate any residual sensitivity. Ideally, they should be indicated for a wide array of clinical procedures to minimize the number of boding kits necessary in the operatory. Kuraray America has introduced CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS, a light-cure, self-etching, one-step, fluoride-releasing bonding agent based on its CLEAR­FIL SE BOND’s MDP technology, which provides a water-resistant chemical bond to dentin and enamel without etching. A new catalyst provides even higher bond strengths along with improved working time. CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS is indicated to bond light-cure composites, for root surface treatment, and for cavity sealing. It is also excellent for pedo­dontic restorative procedures where clinical speed and patient comfort are very critical. It is a single-bottle liquid with minimal technique sensitivity that radically simplifies bonding procedures. The application is rapid and straightforward: no shaking, no mixing, no scrubbing, and no multiple applications. Simply brush on once, air dry, and light cure. There are virtually no reports of postoperative sensitivity. It is also indicated for post cementation and dual-cure core buildups when used with CLEARFIL DC CORE PLUS without any additional catalysts. CLEARFIL S3 BOND PLUS can also be utilized for the surface treatment of porcelain or composite resin prosthetic appliances and to repair fractures of composite or ceramic crowns and bridges intraorally.
For more information, call toll-free (800) 879-1676 and or visit the Web site kuraraydental.com.

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