Teethmate Desensitizer - Kuraray

Teethmate Desensitizer - Kuraray

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As patients are retaining their teeth far later into middle and old age, the issues of root sensitivity secondary to gingival recession and/or abfraction have become much more commonplace. There are many ways to approach the problems of tooth sensitivity. The less invasive and the more immediately effective dentistry is generally better for the patient. Teethmate Desensitizer from Kuraray is a highly biocompatible combination of 2 different types of calcium phosphates that react under moist conditions to form hydroxyapatite (HAp). HAp is the strongest material in the human body, a mineral that is naturally found in enamel and dentin (fossilized remains of our distant ancestors often consist mostly of teeth and the surrounding jawbones). Teethmate Desensitizer does not contain any gingival irritants such as glutaraldehyde, methacrylates, and gluten. When the mildly alkaline material is applied (by the dentist or the hygienist) to the patient’s dentin and/or enamel surfaces, the newly generated HAp functions as the patient’s own. It safely and effectively seals dentinal tubules as well as cracks in the enamel. It is does not interfere with subsequent adhesive procedures, and the desensitization effect is both immediate and long lasting. It is indicated for eliminating sensitivity before and after tooth cleaning, scaling, root planing, and bleaching. No isolation or drying is required during the 30-second rubbing application, as Teethmate Desensitizer is tolerant to moisture. It self-hardens without light curing, leaving virtually no film thickness. Up to 2 to 3 consecutive applications may be required to eliminate all sensitivity, at which stage the dentinal tubules are covered and the enamel cracks are sealed. In vitro studies indicate sealed tubules after 5 months. Teethmate Desensitizer does not decrease the bonding strength of subsequent adhesive procedures.
For more information, call toll-free (800) 879-1676 or visit the website at kuraraydental.com.

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