Top 25 Aesthetic/Restorative Products
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When the new Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative is applied to posterior restorations, its technologies enable fast and easy one-step placement with improved aesthetics. It delivers efficient clinical outcomes that help dentists stay on schedule. Designed for the posterior, the unique optical properties and improved opacity of Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative enable the simplicity of one-step bulk placement—up to 5 mm—with improved aesthetics. These improvements are the result of further developments of 3M’s nanotechnology, which allows for the management of opacity and depth of cure in a smarter way. With 3M’s unique Smart Contrast Ratio Management technology, Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative features increased opacity without reducing depth of cure. In its cured state, Filtek One Bulk Fill Restorative has a higher opacity than other bulk fill offerings, even matching some universal composites. For more information, visit 3m.com/filtekone.

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