Top 25 Aesthetic/Restorative Products
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SplashMax VPS impression material is the ultimate in accuracy, reliability, and value. It is a high-quality yet affordable VPS impression material featuring instant hydrophilicity, maximal tear strength, excellent dimensional accuracy, 2 set times, and high color contrast. In independent testing, SplashMax achieved a lower contact angle within seconds and much higher tear strength than leading competitors. Its low contact angle, combined with high tear strength and 99.9% recovery after stretching and compression, results in highly detailed and accurate impressions, delivering maximal performance in a VPS impression material with fewer retakes. SplashMax is available in 4 high-contrast viscosities (XLite, Lite, Medium, and Heavy) with 2 set times (2:15 and 4:30) and 2 cartridge delivery systems (50 and 360 mL). For more information, call toll-free at (800) 4-DENMAT (433-6628) or visit

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