Top 25 Endodontic Products
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RelyX Fiber Post 3D builds on 8 years of clinical success of the original RelyX Fiber Post. Its updated design offers higher mechanical retention to the core build-up material thanks to coronal 3-D macro retentions. It maintains a strong bond in the root canal due to its microporous surface. Post position control within the canal is greatly improved as a result of RelyX Fiber Post 3D’s enhanced radiopacity. In combination with 3 other easy-to-use 3M products (RelyX Unicem 2 Automix Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement, Scotchbond Universal Adhesive, and Filtek Bulk Fill Posterior Restorative), the entire post and core build-up procedure can be simplified and requires just 4 easy steps. For more information, call (800) 634-2249 or visit 3m.com/relyx3d.

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