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Angelus Dental

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MTA-Angelus is an endodontic reparative cement, containing mineral trioxide aggregate (MTA). It is indicated for the treatment of lateral and furcation perforations, apexification, internal resorption, pulpotomy, pulp capping, and apexogenesis. MTA is the only cement capable of stimulating cells to the point of fully regenerating infection-compromised sites. Also, unlike other substances with identical indications, MTA can be inserted in moist areas, drastically facilitating the work of the dentist. The Calcium Ions Release feature promotes the formation of a dentin bridge when used for pulp capping and enables biological healing and unbeatable sealing in cases of root perforations. MTA-Angelus has a setting time of 15 minutes, which is much faster than similar reparative cement (4 hours). A measuring scoop and resealable vials make each gram last at least 7 applications. For more information, call (855) Find MTA (346-3682) or visit the website

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