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D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO is one of the most advanced and aesthetically pleasing quartz fiber posts on the market, with the added benefit of color-on-command technology. When the post is placed, the intrinsic color of the post disappears, allowing it to blend into the natural dentition. If retreatment or removal is ever required, the color of the post will reappear on command by simply using cold water. The color-changing post optimizes aesthetics and eliminates the risk of shadowing within the aesthetic core material. The D.T. LIGHT-POST ILLUSION X-RO is constructed from unidirectional quartz fibers bound in a resin matrix. This design produces a post with flexural strength exceeding that of metal posts but with a low modulus of elasticity similar to dentin, allowing it to absorb functional stress and prevent root fractures. For more information, call (800) 247-3368 or visit the Web site

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