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Glidewell Laboratories

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Inclusive Mini Implants allow for the immediate loading and long-term stabilization of dentures in the presence of primary stability and appropriate occlusal loading. Small-diameter implants are traditionally prescribed for patients who cannot receive conventional-diameter implants due to medical, anatomical, or financial reasons. They can accommodate new or existing dentures, which are anchored to the heads of the mini implants via a simple and effective o-ring retention system, providing fully edentulous patients new levels of comfort, dental function, and confidence. Inclusive Mini Implants are part of the Inclusive Mini Implant System, an all-in-one implant solution for denture stabilization. With its comprehensive line of tools, instruments, and prosthetic components, this system provides clinicians with a streamlined, minimally invasive surgical and prosthetic protocol. For more information, call (800) 471-9757 or visit the Web site

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