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Coming soon, the ETIII SA you know and trust is improving. A new bio surface treatment improves BIC by 30% compared to the original ETIII SA. ETIII BIO SA is still manufactured with pure titanium metal and equipped with a sandblasted and acid-etched surface but with a unique nanocoating. The ETIII provides many benefits for both the clinician who places the implant as well as the patient who receives a well-fitted, reliable implant. Providing convenient placement and initial stability, the optimal body design of the ETIII features a number of open-thread designs that help to prevent bone necrosis, reinforce fixture strength and stability, and facilitate easy path change. The corkscrew thread design provides self-tapping and path-correcting ability while delivering smooth insertion and feel. For more information, call (888) 678-0001 or visit hiossen.com.

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