ACTEON North America - SoproLIFE

ACTEON North America - SoproLIFE

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The intact outer structures of the teeth are the lifelong protection that maintains dental integrity, oral health, and, ultimately, systemic health. Caries diagnosis is the fundamental task and responsibility of the dental professional. Radiographs are excellent for interproximal decay but less so for early occlusal decay on bicuspids or molars. Unfortunately, even small occlusal caries left untreated can condemn the tooth to extensive restoration or removal. SoproLIFE is a multifunctional, nonradiographic, fluorescence technology device that has 3 modes: (1) daylight, for routine intraoral examination, (2) diagnosis, for detection of caries, and (3) treatment, for the evaluation of caries excavation in progress. The teeth are illuminated by specific wavelengths, causing autofluorescent emissions that are characteristic of tissue health status, often indicating caries at the earliest stages that may be missed by x-rays. For more information, call (800) 289-6367 or visit the website

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