Air Techniques - Caries Detection Aid

Air Techniques - Caries Detection Aid

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Patients depend on their practitioner to diagnose and locate dental decay as early as possible. Dentists depend on their diagnostic tools to eliminate the guesswork. The Spectra caries detection aid utilizes fluorescence technology to reliably identify fissure and smooth surface caries, even when they are too small to be detected visually or radiographically. The Spectra shines a high-energy, violet-blue light onto the tooth surface to stimulate cariogenic bacteria metabolites (porphyrins). Viewed through the onboard optical filtration and seen on the monitor, decay appears red, yellow, or orange in contrast to healthy green fluorescing areas. Software interprets the data and presents a diagnostic color tooth chart and/or a numerical display. It detects early and restorative-margin caries, and it can be used to guide caries excavation in real time. Compatible with virtually all patient management software, Spectra assesses both treatment and hygiene compliance. For more information, call (800) AIR-TECH or visit

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