Crown Delta - Stabiliner

Crown Delta - Stabiliner

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Try-in and adjustment are often frustrating, whether in the mouth or on the working die. Stabiliner is a highly innovative, try-in adhesive liner for the temporary stabilization of ceramic restorations, saving significant assessment and adjustment time prior to final cementation. It reduces repetitive on/off placement of crowns, veneers, or bridges during try-ins; adjustments are made right on the restorations while they are temporarily affixed. Patients can also assess restorations for fit and aesthetics before final cementation. Stabiliner is a translucent, automixed, and modified silicone paste precision-mixed to the inside of the moistened restoration. During try-in, Stabiliner adapts internally and cures, securing the restoration, allowing a preview of fit, color, and occlusion. Stabiliner remains on the restoration’s internal surface as a thin, visible film that clearly indicates fit problems. The material lifts away easily and leaves no surface residue. For more information, call (914) 245-8910 or visit

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