Custom Earpiece - Black Diamond Radio

Custom Earpiece - Black Diamond Radio

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Comprehensive, continuous office communications are essential to the success of a practice of any size. Shouting from operatory to operatory is not acceptable, and physical displacement is impractical, inefficient, and costly to the bottom line. Some conversations must also remain private. Custom Earpiece’s private, wireless Black Diamond Radio (BDR) facilitates and enhances intraoffice communication. Expandable up to 100 users, it utilizes an exclusive industrial radio band not shared by truckers or hobbyists. BDR improves teamwork with seamless instant communication and it’s even clear in noisy areas. It is simply plug and play—there’s no setup involved, no installation, and no learning curve. BDRs have small and light cast-aluminum chassis with Kevlar-wired earpieces. Long-life lithium batteries recharge in one hour. The push-to-talk units eliminate glove changing and radio disinfection. For more information, call (800) 711-7317 or visit

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