Danville Materials - BulkEZ

Danville Materials - BulkEZ

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Restorative material shrinkage, marginal voids, depth of cure, layering, and clinical sensitivity have all contributed to imperfect restorations and decreased longevity. Chemistry and polymerization have limited alternative techniques. BulkEZ is a practical, dual-cure restorative material specifically designed for direct restorations. Auto-mixed from twin barrels immediately prior to insertion, it offers an unlimited, curing-light independent, depth of cure without sonic vibration. Light curing simply hardens the air-inhibited surface layer. Self-curing encourages the restorative material to shrink toward the bonded cavity walls, eliminating void formation, open margins, recurrent decay, and sensitivity. Directed shrinkage minimizes microleakage (more patent interproximal margins) and restoration failure at the base and the walls of the box. BulkEZ features a single bulk step, far more efficient (up to 60%) than multiple-step layering and curing. The self-cure is rapid and the material has high opacity on radiographs. For more information, call (800) 827-7940 or visit danvillematerials.com.

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