DenMat - SplashMax

DenMat - SplashMax

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VPS impression materials were introduced 35 years ago. Easier and more convenient than the earlier polysulfides (rubber base), they were hydrophobic and their performance was compromised in the wet oral environment, particularly in the critical sulcus region continually bathed in crevicular fluid. The 1990s introduced hydrophilicity and cartridge mixing, fine-tuning dental impression taking. SplashMax has excellent dimensional accuracy, with a 99% recovery after stretching and compression, preventing permanent deformation of the impression on mouth removal. Instant hydrophilicity offers consistently high-detailed impressions in a moist environment, and high elasticity keeps the impression from tearing. SplashMax’s thixotropic consistency and flow make it self-contouring, capturing the finest anatomic details, with high-contrast colors enhancing visual analysis. Its wild berry scent reduces the gag reflex. It offers 4 high-contrast viscosities and 2 polymerization times (2:15 and 4:30). For more information, call (800) 4-DENMAT (433-6628) or visit

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