Tokuyama Dental America - Shield Force Plus

Tokuyama Dental America - Shield Force Plus

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Tooth sensitivity continues to be a major patient complaint. The dental team requires a desensitizer that is fast and easy to apply, patient-friendly, and can be delegated. Shield Force Plus is a single-component, light-cured desensitizer that infiltrates dentinal tubules to inhibit moisture flow with double-block technology for both short- and long-term protection. It is indicated for active treatment of hypersensitivity and prophylactic desensitization. Shield Force Plus seals tubules up to 50 µm in a 30-second procedure: apply, air dry, and light cure. It forms apatite crosslinks on the surface and calcium ions in the tooth structure, resulting in a uniform and thin surface coating layer and deep tubular penetration. The single-component liquid is green on application to facilitate placement visualization but polymerizes completely clear. Refrigeration is recommended, but patients are more comfortable when the liquid is applied at room temperature. For more information, call (877) 378-3548 or visit

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