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Endodontic Procedure

NEW! DentistryToday.com now offers this quick and informative area with
video techniques from some of the top clinicians in dentistry.

In this video, Dr. David Clark explores endodontic procedures with straight-line access to root canals. SS White Burs' ENDOGUIDE carbide burs are designed for endodontic access and root canal exploration. Their unique microdiameter tips act as a self-centering guide for straight-line access to canals, maximizing efficiency and preserving precious peri-cervical dentin. Dr. Clark explains that round burs, in contrast, tend to "run off," which may lead to gouging and potential perforation.

For more information, visit sswhiteburs.com.

Dr. David Clark

Dr. Clark received his DDS degree from the University of Washington School of Dentistry. He founded the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry, an international academy formed in 2002 to advance the art and science of microdentistry, microendodontics, microperiodontics, and dental microsurgery. He is a course director at the Newport Coast Oral Facial Institute. Dr. Clark has developed a matrix and composite delivery system, the Bioclear Matrix System, which promises a real advancement for direct composites.


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