Plasma Tool May Eradicate Cancer Cells

There may be an innovative way to help cure some forms of cancer, including oral cancer.

Plasma medicine is a new area of care that uses atmospheric pressure plasma jets with biological tissues that may have the ability to aid in medical treatment.

A research team at the University of Notre Dame conducted a comprehensive study that explored various types of DNA damage caused by atmospheric pressure plasma exposure. Based on the information developed through the study, it’s conceivable that new techniques could be used for cancer therapy, in addition to dental care, hospital hygiene, skins diseases, antifungal problems, chronic wounds and other issues.

The researchers analyzed DNA damage from what was termed the Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jet and the research team did so by using the method called agarose gel electrophoresis. The researchers then explored all aspects of the DNA damage by plasma species under the conditions of the helium plasma source with various parameters of electronic pulses.

Also looked at was the impact of water on DNA damage. They compared the role of reactive radicals in DNA in an aqueous environment with those in a dry environment.

Later, they studied plasma developed from helium mixtures with a wide array of molecular ratios of other gases under several plasma source conditions. More gases produced a higher level of radical species. Theoretically, that is what’s needed to completely eliminate cancerous tumor cells.