First Mutation Located in Jaw Tumor

A new discovery has been made in jaw tumors.

A Finnish team of researchers recently pinpointed a gene mutation in ameloblastoma, which is a tumor of the jaw. Ameloblastoma is an odontogenic tumor that often comes back even after treatment. It usually is located in the posterior of the lower jaw.

The information appears in the Journal of Pathology.

Surgery is generally used to treat ameloblastomas, which cause tissue deficiencies in the jaw, in addition to tooth loss. It’s possible that drug therapy may lower the need for surgery but the picture of pathogenesis of the tumor needs to be clearer.

Research teams have been looking for the mutation that produces ameloblastoma for many years but it took until now to find it in a patient living in Finland. The researchers comprised a team from the University of Turku and the University of Eastern Finland.

This discovery could be groundbreaking based on the idea that it has a direct correlation to treatment because a targeted drug for this particular mutation is already available.