Dentist Treats Migraines

There’s a new way to treat migraines—and it involves dentistry.

Research shows that about 75 percent of people who suffer from migraines see a decline in their symptoms after some of the stress in their face and neck is relieved.

That’s why a dentist, Dr. Biju Krishnan, and a psychotherapist, Kirsten Lord, say their solution will prevent migraines.

The goal of their clinic is to relieve the pressure of the migraine nerve. That’s what the package of their services is based on. The program includes physiotherapy to release the muscles that trap the nerve and then there’s a dental splint that is applied. The dental splint is used to cut down on the grinding of the teeth, which is a major factor in migraines.

This treatment can give migraine sufferers the opportunity to ease the pain without having to take drugs, something that has always been done to treat migraines.

One of the problems for people dealing with migraines is that they do not know why they happen. But all of the issues associated with teeth grinding, including stress, jaw clenching, and anxiety are all major reasons why they happen.

The TMJ alone can cause a migraine because it shares a nerve with head. This could make the muscles in the face tighter and alter the direction of the jaw.

Dr. Krishnan’s work includes coming up with innovative techniques in cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Lord has three physiotherapy centers in England and the other physiotherapists at her clinic have been trained to deal with reducing the effects of migraines.


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