First Dental Stem Cell Bank Opens in Mumbai

In a first, an Indian company has partnered with a French institute to set up Stemade Biotech, a bank for dental stem cells, which are easy to acquire and can be used for various therapeutic applications.

“As compared to other sources, window for banking stem cells from the dental pulp is greater, hence providing multiple opportunities to bank,” Dr. Franck Chaubron, CEO, Institute
Clinident Biopharma said. “The novelty of dental stem cells is that they can be easily acquired and banked for future application purposes.

“It is safer, easier, and has more applications. The partnership allows Stemade Biotech to use the innovative technique of collecting the dental pulp, which is live tissue found inside all healthy tooth.”

Chaubron is the innovator and licensor of the patented technology for extraction and cryopreservation of dental stem cells obtained from the pulp of the tooth.

The dental stem cells are Mesenchymal Stem Cell variety that are pluri-potent and are mainly involved in solid tissue formation of the body.

Stemade will extract the stem cells from the dental pulp and preserve it under special condition. These stem cells, that are captured when viable, can be used for various therapeutic applications, said Deepak Ghaisas, chairman of Gencoval Strategic Services Pvt Ltd, the parent company for Stemade.

“The valuable stem cells, building blocks of every human body, are to be extracted from primary teeth (milk tooth) and wisdom teeth,” Ghaisas said.

The stem cells are in the areas next to nerve and blood vessels within the pulp of the tooth and the scientists claim that they have potential to treat variety of diseases.

They are master cells of the body that are not yet specialized and differentiated for a particular function/organ or tissue application. Adult stem cells are found in certain organs and tissues of the body (bone marrow, adipose tissue, pulp of teeth). They are usually responsible to repair and regenerate tissues and organs of the body.

Dental stem cell banking is the first of Stemade’s many ventures that will make their breakthrough in the Indian healthcare arena.

“Autologous solutions are the order of the day,” Chaubron said.

Research involving stem cells in teeth has exploded in the last five years.


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