Fluoridation Issue Pops Up Again in Florida

An area of Florida will begin to fluoridate its water again.

Pinellas County in Florida finally came to this conclusion after a heated public debate, grassroots education and advocacy from dentists, and voters’ rejection of two previous county commissioners. That’s all it took for the Pinellas County Commission to vote, 6-1, in favor of reinstating fluoridation to the county’s roughly 700,000 residents. The decision was made after three hours of public testimony for and against fluoridation.

The water fluoridation will take effect in March.

The issue began in October 2011 after the commission voted, 4-3, against fluoridating water. The original goal was to cut costs for the county but it developed into a debate about fluoridation.

Each side made its opinion heard, with dentists and dental societies in the area starting a grassroots program to inform people about fluoridation.

The tide turned in favor of fluoridating water when Republicans Nancy Bostock and Neil Brickfield lost their seats in the county commission to Democrats Charlie Justice and Janet Long. It was only a matter of time before the previous vote against fluoridation was overturned.

The issue will likely turn out as something beneficial for Pinellas County. The people are now more educated about the impact of fluoridation than they previously were. The debate about the positive or negative impact of fluoridation will continue for some people but the residents of Pinellas County don’t have to worry about it for now.

Jwillie6 (06.12.2012 (13:47:03))
Yes No Fluoride is neither a nutrient nor essential for healthy teeth. No adult has ever walked out of their doctor's office with a prescription for the fluoride drug because it is deadly poison and the body has no known use for it. It is never included in any multi-vitamin formulation. Drinking it to prevent tooth decay is as foolish as drinking sunscreen to prevent sunburn. Every fluoride toothpaste tube carries the warning "if swallowed, call a poison control center immediately."
As a top scientist and the premier international authority on fluoride, last year Dr. Paul Connett's published his most recent book "The Case Against Fluoride." It contains over 1200 studies (80 pages) and sound scientific reasoning showing the ineffectiveness and dangers to health including cancer, thyroid & pineal gland damage, broken hips from brittle bones, lowered IQ, kidney disease, arthritis and other serious health problems.
Johnny Johnson (07.12.2012 (14:16:52))
Pinellas County-Science over Science-Fiction Yes No The Pinellas County Commission chose to hear the credible, sound science which supports the safety, effectiveness, and cost-savings for our residents.

The Commission looked at the long list of supporters of fluoridation, the WHO, CDC, AMA, AAP, ADA, and many others that recognize the public health benefits of water fluoridation on reducing dental disease:


They also looked at the complete lack of support by any credible, sound, and scientific groups or organizations that support the claims made by those opposed to optimally fluoridated water. Not one group like the WHO, ADA, AMA, CDC, or AAP supports their false claims.

Kudos to our Pinellas County Commissioners for returning fluoridation to our county's residents, especially the most needy and disadvantaged folks.
ItMatters (07.12.2012 (18:38:32))
Yes No The leading health and medical organizations support water fluoridation. This list includes the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Dental Association, the Institute of Medicine and the American Academy of Family Physicians. We can trust their knowledge and expertise.
ToothTruth (07.12.2012 (19:30:51))
Fluoride, an important micronutrient Yes No Anti-fluoride activists falsely claim that fluoride is a “medicine.” But the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition wrote: “Fluoride is not a medicine. It is a nutrient which enhances the stability of teeth and bones and is a partial preventative of [decay]” — see page 135: http://www.ajcn.org/content/41/1/129.full.pdf

Fluoride is also found in multiple vitamins: Poly-Vi-Flor is a multiple vitamin/fluoride supplement for children living in low-fluoridated areas of the country.

One can learn about a person by who he associates with:

Paul Connett has joined Joseph Mercola, a modern day snake-oil salesman and anti-vaccination quack.


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