Pet Dental Health Awareness Need to be Raised

Most people don’t realize they are neglecting an important aspect of their pet’s health. But more needs to be done to make sure a pet receives the dental care it requires.

That’s why veterinarians and animal dentists are trying to spread the importance of this in February, which is Pet Dental Health month. Some animal dentists may even offer discounted pet checkups this month.

The American Animal Hospital Association states that about 85 percent of cats and dogs age 3 and older suffer from some kind of gum disease. Animals, like humans, need to visit the dentist on somewhat of a regular basis, at the very least. Neglecting dental visits may lead to gingivitis, tooth pain, infection or even tooth loss.

The problem for these pets is that most pet owners are unaware their pet is at risk for these problems.

Some studies indicate that only 1 percent of pet owners brush their animal’s teeth and provide them with the chance to use chews and special toys to maintain solid oral health.

If more people become aware of the importance of a pet’s oral health, fewer pets will encounter dental issues.

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