Tooth Loss Could Prove to be Health Disaster

A recent study showed tooth loss could be disastrous for a person’s overall health.

Researchers from Newcastle University in the United Kingdom determined that participants in a recent study (all of whom suffered tooth loss) had major complications, similar to people who lose a limb. The consequences were so severe that they were life-changing in many cases.

The study appears in the journal Sociology of Health and Illness.

Some people who were part of the study often didn’t even want to leave their house. There were others who were upset because they needed dentures.

Junk Food, Bad Oral Health Produce Higher Risk of Premature Heart Disease

There is increasing evidence that the combination of eating bad food and poor oral health result in a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

That’s why consuming sugar, something that appears in most fizzy drinks, should be something people consume less frequently, according to a report in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Large amounts of sugar consumption can result in periodontal disease when combined with poor oral health. The supporting bone around the teeth can also be destroyed. Chronic infection thanks to gum disease can produce an inflammatory response, leading to heart disease.

Maine Group Looks to Add Dental Hygiene Therapists

A coalition in Maine is hoping to insert a new category of dental hygienists.

Dental Access for Me aims to provide affordable dental care for many more people in Maine. The group is looking to gain support of a bill that would create dental licenses for dental hygiene therapists, who would have the ability to perform some of the more routine dental procedures, like pulling teeth or filling cavities.

Dental hygienists advance to the level of dental hygiene therapists after schooling, 1,000 clinical hours and then taking an exam.

Gum Disease May Cause Higher Risk of Asthma

People with gum disease need to make sure their condition doesn’t lead to other health problems—like asthma.

A new study that appeared in the Journal of Periodontology indicates that people with gum disease are five times more likely to develop asthma when compared with people who maintain good oral health.

This bit of information is concerning because in many countries, more than half of the people don’t maintain what would be considered good oral health. People need to be more aware of the damaging effects that may result from gum disease.

Some Claim Oil Swishing Provides Oral Health Benefits

Oil may be beneficial to your health, according to some people.

A new trend has some people swishing coconut oil around their mouth for about 20 minutes each day before spitting out the oil. The goal of oil pulling, as it’s called, is to remove bacteria from one’s mouth.

Despite the numerous skeptics, some dentists are claiming that the coconut oil is producing whiter teeth and healthier gums.

The trend of oil pulling has spread by word of mouth. In addition to reducing plaque, there have also been cases of acne clearing, and fewer asthma and sinus problems. There have even been reports of improvements in heart and stomach conditions.

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