Why Did the Turtle Go to the Dentist?

When a sea turtle in Florida was suffering from a cracked shell, a dentist came to her rescue.

Using an acrylic resin denture adhesive, Dr. Fred Troxel was able to bond two metal plates over the 10-inch split. The Florida Keys Turtle Hospital has been caring for the 40-pound turtle, fixing injuries that are believed to have been caused when she was struck by a boat.

Mountain Dew Causing Major Damage to Teeth in Appalachia

Appalachian people need to find a new drink of choice.

The number of people in the Appalachians that consume Mountain Dew is increasingly experiencing rotted teeth. Public health advocates are recommending that the people consume less Mountain Dew, which may not be easy considering it is the region’s favorite drink.

One proposed solution would be to impose some kind of limit of soda for food stamp purchases. Despite what many people in the soda industry claim, dentists are unanimous about the negative impact the acid and sugar from soda have on a person’s teeth.

Tooth Sensor Reveals In-Depth Oral Activity

A research team recently wanted to learn more about what is constantly happening in a person’s mouth.

As a result, National Taiwan University researchers built a sensor that can be embedded in a tooth or attached to a tooth. The sensor is small enough to fit inside an artificial tooth or it can straddle a real one.

With tiny wire located inside the sensor, the sensor has the ability to provide data to a computer. The research team claims that wireless sensors will be created in the future thanks to Bluetooth.

The sensor was unveiled at the International Symposium on Wearable Computers in Switzerland.

Aesthetic Dentistry Does Not Increase Happiness

Aesthetic changes to a person’s smile will not simply make the person feel better about it.

The findings from a new study indicate that healthy psychologists are necessary to help a person feel better about their appearance, even after undergoing aesthetic dental procedures. King’s College London recently made this determination.

To conduct the study, 60 participants answered questions about their satisfaction with their appearance before and after the dental work.

Canadians Going Elsewhere for Dental Treatment at Rising Rate

Canadians are exploring all options for dental treatment. Increasingly, that means going to Mexico for treatment.

Mexico has several state-of-the-art dental clinics, enticing Canadians and some Americans to visit them to save money on dental treatment. Since the Canadians and Americans don’t have to go across the world for treatment, for some people this option makes sense.

Some people also choose to build their vacation around the dental treatment. They relax for a few days after receiving the treatment to make the whole excursion worthwhile.

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