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Calcium Supplements During Pregnancy May Prevent Tooth Decay

A recent study has demonstrated that a woman who takes calcium supplements while she is pregnant may help children’s teeth. The new study suggests that if a woman takes calcium supplements during her pregnancy, they may help to prevent tooth decay.

The recent study was conducted in Argentina. It followed 195 children, whose mothers were chosen at random to receive a placebo or a calcium supplement, up until their 12th birthday.

The new study revealed that the children whose mothers who took the calcium supplement had a 27 percent reduction on filled or missing teeth and in tooth decay in both the permanent and primary teeth.

The result of the study suggests that taking a calcium supplement while a woman is pregnant is provides prolonged protection throughout childhood.

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Doctors Find Tooth Lodged in Former Miner’s Ear

Doctors have been left mystified after finding a tooth lodged in a man’s ear.

Stephen Hirst, an ex-miner, suffered from an excruciating earache for 33 years and was partially deaf because a tooth was lodged in his ear canal, it has been revealed. The 47-year-old also suffered severe headaches and was unable to sleep properly for several years. Despite numerous visits to his GP and various ear, nose and throat units, nobody could find the cause of Hirst’s pain until he gave it one last shot and arranged to see a doctor at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield.

The team at the hospital was determined to unearth the cause of the pain and the tooth was finally removed using a suction tube and a pair of tweezers. The nurse in charge of the procedure was apparently completely shocked to find a tooth in Hirst’s ear canal and doctors are puzzled as to how the tooth managed to end up in the ear. The situation is made all the more mysterious because Hirst has not had any teeth for several years.

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Big Burgers Might Give Asians TMJ

SINGAPORE—An American-trained dentist who runs a clinic in Singapore says small-mouthed Asians can injure their jaws with large Western burgers.

In a Voice of America report, prosthodontist Ansgar Cheng said dentists in Asia are seeing more jaw disorders among its growing middle class because they are eating big-sized Western-style fast food.

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Canada Declares BPA Toxic, Sets Stage for More Bans

Canada has declared bisphenol A a toxic chemical, prompting calls for far-reaching curbs on the industrial chemical that is used in everything from the linings of aluminum cans to coatings on electronic till receipts.

Canada added the compound, known as BPA, to a list of substances deemed potentially harmful to health or the environment in a notice published in the Canada Gazette on Wednesday.

That makes it easier for Ottawa to regulate the use of the chemical, perhaps by limiting how much BPA can be released into air or water or perhaps with outright bans on its use in specific food containers.

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Good Nutrition Leads to a Healthy Mouth and Body

HARRISBURG, Pa.—Good nutrition and healthy eating habits are essential to maintaining optimal oral and overall health. With Halloween just around the corner, the Pennsylvania Dental Association (PDA) encourages parents to be mindful of the amount of candy their children are consuming, and to use this holiday as an opportunity to remind them about the importance of taking care of their teeth and gums.

The food and beverage choices you make have a direct effect on the health of your entire body. Each time a sugary snack or beverage is consumed, the sugar, along with the bacteria in your mouth, bathe your teeth in harmful acids that attack your teeth for at least 20 minutes. Each bite or sip brings on another acid attack. After repeat attacks, teeth are susceptible to tooth decay.

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