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Implants Expert Offers Tips on Interviewing Dental Professionals

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PHILADELPHIA—Dimplants expert Dr. David DiGiallorenzo recently released a list of questions that should be asked of dentists when patients select a professional for dental implant placement.

It is important to select someone who has received extensive training in the specialty and who has a track record of success when it comes to performing the procedure, according to DiGiallorenzo, a periodontist.

“There are 11 specialties within the dentistry field, and dentists have a general scope of practice upon completing dental school,” he said.

Dentists who pursue a specialty typically must undergo an additional three to five years of training after dental school, often earning an additional master’s or doctoral degree in their specialty in the process.

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Patient Escapes Serious Injury After Dentist’s Mishap

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Carmel Medical Center Doctors in Haifa, Israel never encountered what they saw recently.

A 5-cm metal dental prosthesis bridge was discovered in the lungs of Haifa woman after she was undergoing treatment from a dentist. The object had fallen into her trachea and the dentist told her she had most likely swallowed it and it would come out at the other end of her gastrointestinal system without a problem.

At Carmel Medical Center, however, the doctors didn’t think the problem was as minor as the dentist said it was. The object caused an

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Native Americans Receive Dental Work

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For about the last five years Native Americans on a reservation in Nebraska have received free dental care. That’s because a team of six dentists, three assistants, and two lab technicians go there once a year.

They provide a long list of services, including free dentures.

Since the tribe is not as wealthy as others, the visit enables the people to receive dental work they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Unfortunately for the people, there is not enough time or dentists for everyone to get the work they may need.

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Dental School Study Uses Genetic Test to Predict Gum Disease

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ANN ARBOR, Mich.—University of Michigan School of Dentistry has signed an agreement with Interleukin Genetics Inc. to conduct what may be the largest clinical study to date using genetic testing to assess the risk for gum disease.

William Giannobile, professor at U-M dentistry and director of the Michigan Center for Oral Health Research at the School of Dentistry, will lead the study for U-M.

“It’s an exciting study because it’s a way to use genetic testing to personalize a dental treatment plan and the frequency of dental care visits of patients as it relates to oral care,” Giannobile said. “It’s a way to customize patient care.”

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Do Cold Drinks Make Your Teeth Hurt?

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Teeth sensitivity is a common problem experienced by many people from time to time.

Teeth are covered by a layer of hard enamel that is tightly sealed by healthy gum tissue. The inner layer of the teeth is made of a softer layer with numerous microscopic nerve endings. If these nerve endings are exposed, or if the tooth becomes irritated, tooth sensitivity results.

Many people “deal” with sensitive teeth by ignoring the problem and not doing anything about it. The nature of human beings is to stay away from unpleasant experiences or events. We have all heard of people saying that their teeth are uncomfortable under certain circumstances and they simply avoid consuming those items that cause the discomfort. However, this practice does not allow outstanding problems to be addressed and usually leads to more complicated and uncomfortable situations.

Why are sensitive teeth a concern?

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