Lares Research - All-Tissue Laser Line

´╗┐The LightWalker hard- and soft-tissue Laser series features lasers in both single Er:YAG and dual Er:YAG/ Nd:YAG wavelength models. The lasers can perform fast cavity preps (usually without anesthetic), virtually all soft-tissue surgical procedures, and minimally invasive laser endo and perio treatments. The lasers are available in 3 models: the single-wavelength 8W model ST-E Er:YAG laser, which is perfect for hard tissue, soft tissue, and the Lares' proprietary PIPS (patent applied for) endo protocol; the dual-wavelength 8W model DT, which adds Nd:YAG laser capability for expanded soft tissue options, including Lares' proprietary WPT perio protocol; and the top-of-the-line dual wavelength 20W AT model, which provides an upgrade option for aesthetic treatments. For more information, call (888) 333-8440, extension 2050 or visit the Web site

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