Scican - Electric Handpeice

Designed to offer flexibility to meet your specific needs, the E-STATIS Advantage Electric Handpiece now comes equipped with the new Advanced E-STATIS SLM (Short LED Micromotor). The E-STATIS SLM is 35% shorter and lighter than today's current motors, and the touchscreen is equipped with customizable settings such as torque control and auto-reverse for both operative and endodontic procedures. For more information, call (800) 572-1211.


SDI (North America) - Whitening System

Requiring a wear time of just 15 minutes once or twice daily, patients will see changes immediately with Pola Day CP, a super-fast, take-home, tooth-whitening system containing 35% carbamide peroxide. Its neutral pH gel has a high water content that prevents teeth from becoming dehydrated, and natural soothers and conditioners further assist in minimizing sensitivity. The pleasantly flavored spearmint gel is easily dispensed from a syringe and stays where placed due to its high viscosity. For more information, call (800) 228-5166 or visit sdi.com.au.


Seiler Microscopes - Microscope

The Evolution xR6 is a 6-step microscope option. It has 6 steps of magnification (2.27x, 4x, 5.30x, 8.7x, 10.88x, 17x), high-quality German optics, apochromatic lenses, a 50W metal halide light source, and a zero to 220° inclinable head. All of these features make it the best buy for the dental microscope market. For more information, call (800) 489-2282 or visit the Web site located at seilermicro.com.


Septodont - Dentin Replacement Material

Biodentine is an all-in-one dentin replacement material that is bioactive, biocompatible, and can be used in both the crown and root wherever dentin is damaged. Indications include restoring deep cavities, pulp capping, pulpotomies, perforations, and internal/external resorptions. In addition to treating damaged dentin, Biodentine provides a number of clinical benefits including remineralization, preservation of pulp, and prevention of clinical failures. For more information, call (800) 872-8305.


Shofu - Flowable Composite

BEAUTIFIL Flow Plus is a flowable base, liner, and final restorative approved for all classes (I to V). Its physical properties rival leading packable composites. With handling that is stackable and sculptable, the material just stays put. The self-leveling consistency doesn't require packing, reduces voids, and simplifies polishing. Fluoride release and recharge offers sustained benefits for high caries index patients. Two viscosities are available, F00 for precision stacking and F03 for traditional flowability. For more information, call (800) 827-4638 or visit shofu.com.


Sirona Dental Systems - Digital Impression System

CEREC AC Connect allows dental professionals to scan and send digital impressions to the inLab dental laboratory of choice, with no additional scanning fees. It delivers the fastest acquisition speeds on the market, and brings the fastest return on investment. With CEREC technology there's the ability to upgrade and connect to an in-office milling unit at any time. For more information, call (800) 873-7683.


SNAP Imaging - Cosmetic Simulator

The SNAP cosmetic simulator now provides marketing materials on how to easily reach out to patients and potential patients via the reception area, bridal shows, health clubs, the web, and much more. You can produce realistic "before- and-after" cosmetic simulation photos in less than a minute and patients can take home the images to show the spouse, family, and friends. For more information, call (866) 987-7627 or visit the Web site snapdental.com.


SS White Burs - Burs

EndoGuide Burs are a unique set of 8 burs for nonsurgical root canal treatment. The patented, conical-shaped microdiameter tip acts as a self-centering guide for straight-line access to canals, maximizing treatment efficiency and conserving healthy pericervical dentin. The burs facilitate increased tactile sense of dentin and calcified canals, provide a polished dentin surface for easier visual identification of hidden canals, and can reduce dependence on costly ultrasonic instrumentation. For more information, visit sswhiteburs.com.


Steri-Shield - Sensor Holder

Wingers radiological sensor holders provide an easy, quick, and pain-free way to capture all oral images with any popular radiography sensor on the market. The hybrid system provides the convenience of universal fit, disposable sensor holders, and the savings of holder tools than can be sterilized. All shots can be captured easily and results are repeatable as the system holder tools do not sacrifice sensor stability. Introduced in 2002, Wingers have proven their ease of use, patient comfort, and innovative advantages in thousands of dental clinics. For more information, call (800) 699-7220 or visit steri-shield.com.


Sun Dental Labs - Temporary Partial

In comparison to acrylic partials, Sunflex partial dentures are lightweight, more comfortable, and practically invisible, with no metal clasps. They offer the perfect degree of flexibility, are more stain-resistant, and do not discolor, warp, or become brittle. They are also the easiest partials to adjust in-office, and teeth and clasps can be added at a later time without demarcation lines. With Sunflex, you can create partial dentures that match a patient's natural tissue tone. For more information, call (866) 561-9777.


Suni Medical Imaging - Digital Radiography System

SuniRay digital radiography system is the favorite among dental practitioners for how easily and quickly it captures and analyzes dental radiographs. This portable intraoral device displays crisp images even in the toughest areas with its ergonomic design, ensuring easy positioning and optimal patient comfort. Plus, its sensors provide easy-to-use software that allows for ingenious applications. For more information, call (800) 438-7864 or visit suni.com.


SybronEndo - Files

With SybronEndo's Twisted Files, endodontic procedures can be performed faster, safer, and with fewer files than other rotary Ni-Ti file systems. Efficient cutting files, they are highly flexible and very strong. SybronEndo's patented production process eliminates the microfractures found in ground files that cause file separation. Twisted Files are available in a variety of tapers, lengths, and tip sizes. For more information, call (800) 346-3636 or visit sybronendo.com.


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