The M.A.R.S amalgam separator features an ISO mercury recovery rating of 99.9% and is maintenance-free for its life cycle, which means never having to change a filter. You can install it and forget it for at least 3 years until it is time to replace the separator at no charge. For more information, call (800) 799-3858.


CARBIDE BURS - Microcopy

NeoBurr carbides are constructed from a single piece of tungsten carbide for optimal strength and concentricity. The blades are engineered to cut with greater blade contact on the tooth surface for faster, smoother, vibration-free performance with less chance for breakage. New shapes have been added for 30-blade trimming and finishing, surgical, and oral surgery HP. All carbides are sterilized for safety. The burs are available in 50-, 25-, 10-, or 5-packs. For more information, call (800) 235-1863 or visit neoburr.com.



The Metalift Crown and Bridge Removal System removes inlays, three-quarter crowns, full crowns, and fixed bridges without destroying them, thus allowing them to be reused. The system is gentle on patients and their teeth. For more information, call (800) 928-9289.



There are 28 different imaging programs, such as wide-focus pano, bite-wings, TMJs, and sinus projections, that make MyRay’s Hyperion X7 a real winner in any practice. First-in-class kinematics and automatic morphology recognition grant constant magnification and supreme image quality. Its volumetric tomography function allows browsing a 4-cm section of 1-mm-thick transversal slices, and the built-in library facilitates planning single implant sites. For more information, call (800) 416-3078 or visit myrayamerica.com.



Microbrush applicators are specially designed for precise application of controlled amounts of material in hard-to-reach areas. Their superior design features stiffer applicator heads in 3 sizes that allow for scrubbing, reliable fibers that resist the harshest dental materials, and a stronger bendable portion. They are ideal for applying cements, etchants, sealants, bonding agents, hemostatic solutions, and conditioners. For more information, call (866) 866-8998 or visit microbrush.com.


INTRAORAL BARRIER - MIS Implants Technologies

PerioPatch intraoral barrier adheres to the gingival or mucosal tissue to protect localized areas as it absorbs wound and inflammatory exudates. By removing exudates, you are able to restore the proper environment, promoting natural healing. It can be used to protect the area from irritants and relieve the symptoms associated with ulcerations, trauma, and inflammation. For more information, call (866) 797-1333 or visit misimplants.com.


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